changelog policy change request

Rafael Laboissiere rafael at
Tue Nov 29 18:16:15 UTC 2005

* G. Milde <g.milde at> [2005-11-28 12:30]:

> After browsing the thread, my impression was that the debate is a bit
> too heated. 
>   * the policy is clearly stating that this should be a real person
>   * violating this is a bug (but not RC)
>   * with the use prescribed by the policy, the generated field should actually
>     be called "uploded-by" instead of "changed-by".
>   * Whoever does not like this should not simply override the policy but
>     discuss this on the policy list.
> However, as this field is of minor importance to the end user (as opposed to
> the "Maintainer" the whole issue should not bother us too much.
> Rafael, if you could live with beeing seen as the "person that did the final
> touched to the package before upload" (which you indeed are) and if you can
> live with beeing falsely blamed for my bugs (while just having overseen them
> before upload), I would ask you to change the 
>    # Fix the trailer line in changelog automatically
>    perl -ni -e 'if (not $done and /^ --/) {'\
>    '              print (" -- Debian JED Group "'\
>    ...
>    in the build script so it produces the real builders Name and mail address.
>    (And pass on any mail that might reach you because of this change to the
>    list.)

I do not care doing one way or the other.  I am very busy right now
preparing a trip for the next week and will not be able to work on the
package until mid-December.  Please, do all changes you think are
appropriate, including changing the Guidelines about the trailer line.  I
will follow your decisions.


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