slgdbm package [was: Re: jedstate]

Rafael Laboissiere rafael at
Mon Sep 19 21:00:04 UTC 2005

* Rafael Laboissiere <rafael at> [2005-09-17 14:16]:

> * Paul Boekholt <p.boekholt at> [2005-09-17 13:37]:
> > Hmmm, I'm pretty sure the file is packaged since a problem
> > with it was mentioned on this list (I can't check since I don't have SVN)
> > and it requires pcre module. There are some other modes that use various
> > modules, most of these modules are not in the upstream slang distribution
> > though.
> Currently, there is no SLang module in Debian.  I already filed a bug report
> against the libslang2 package about this.  See:
> Let us see how the maintainer will react.

Alastair reacted quite fast.  He recently uploaded version 2.0.4-6 of
libslang2 and slsh, which have the module path correctly set and contains
all the * provided in the upstream sources.

I already prepared a Debian package for slgdbm, which can be found at:
Before filing an ITP against wnpp, I would like to ask some things
(hopefully Paul is following this thread):

1. The HTML documentation says that the current version is 1.3, but in
   gdbm.c I see "$Id: gdbm.c,v 1.5".  Which one is correct.
2. Compilation of gdbm.c shows a lot of warnings (probably due to the use of
   -Wall).  Shouldn't the problems be fixed?
3. I am using the description below:

   Description: access to gdbm databases from S-Lang
    This package contains a S-Lang module which provides access to gdbm
    databases.  The user interface has an assoc-like syntax and this
    module can be used either in slh (the S-Lang shell) or from the JED
   Paul, could you please suggest a better description?

At any rate, I created this package quite quickly, in my first attempt to
use cdbs.  I am really impressed by the minimalist approach of cdbs:
besides the debian/changelog and the debian/control files, I wrote just
four lines of code (two in debian/rules and one in each
debian/ and slgdbm.install) and voilà! the packaging is done.


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