New SVN Release

Rafael Laboissiere rafael at
Wed Sep 21 07:01:25 UTC 2005

* G. Milde <g.milde at> [2005-09-21 08:56]:

> On 20.09.05, Rafael Laboissiere wrote:
> > I made jed-common conflict with jed-extra <= 1.0-1.  This is the
> > version currently in experimental.  Will this be enough?
> Yes indeed. It would be very ugly if this were an "eternal" conflict.

This is the reason why we should keep the package in experimental.  As soon
as a new jed-extra is ready (and I hope it will be soon), we can move jed to

> Maybe we can add a line about this in the changelog too, e.g.
>    Conflicts with jed-extra <= 1.0-1, because we are now using SLang2.
>    (Get SLang2-compatible extra modes from


> > I think we should address this Lintian warning:
> > 
> >     W: jed source: not-using-po-debconf
> Does this mean we should provide internationalization support for
> debconf (As JED is English-only, I would not take this as urgent.)?

Although it is not required by the Policy, internationalizing the debconf
files is recommend practice.  This is why Lintian is picky about it.  Let
us address the issue when the package will be ready for unstable.

> Please change it. And add Johns explanation about odd numbers beeing
> developer's releases and even numbers stable.

I added a README.Debian.  Please, check it out.

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