new version of home-lib

G. Milde g.milde at
Thu Sep 22 10:52:08 UTC 2005

On 21.09.05, Jörg Sommer wrote:
> G. Milde schrieb am Tue 26. Jul, 11:27 (+0200):
> > 
> > With home-lib 1.1, registering site-lib could be done in jed.conf as
> > 
> >   require("home-lib", "/usr/share/jed/site-lib/");
> >   register_libdir("usr/share/jed/site-lib"));
> I think, this is OK.

I wonder, whether the mandatory evaluation of in register_libdir() 
[now add_libdir(); append_libdir()] can create problems and should be
dropped. -> Explicit is better than implicit. 

> How do you think about supporting .jed/jedrc or jed.rc? I don't like
> hidden config files in subdirectories.

I would prefer ~/.jed/jed.rc (jedrc would become the third name for
the configuration file).

Support for this could be done easily, if we drop the backwards
compatibility for users that set up ~/.jed/ but do not move their

% Jed_Home_Directory (defined in, defaulting to $HOME)
% If a subdir .jed/ exists, point Jed_Home_Directory there, 
% so .jedrc and .jedrecent are not spoiling the $HOME dir
$1 = path_concat(Jed_Home_Directory, ".jed");
if ( 2 == file_status($1) ) {
   Jed_Home_Directory = $1;
   Default_Jedrc_Startup_File = path_concat($1, "jed.rc");

This way JED would look for ~/.jed/.jedrc and then ~/.jed/jed.rc but
never for JED_ROOT/lib/jed.rc (which is what we want).

I would like to do this, but I am unsure whether others would
complain about broken compatibility.
(Of course the Debian startup doc would need to be adapted.)



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