Bug#330825: xjed: pasting with middle mouse button ...

Jörg Sommer joerg at alea.gnuu.de
Fri Sep 30 21:30:00 UTC 2005

Hello G.,

G. Milde schrieb am Fri 30. Sep, 09:51 (+0200):
> On 29.09.05, Jörg Sommer wrote:
> > 
> > when I open a mark with ctrl+space
> Is this push_mark() or push_visible_mark() or something like this?
> Here, F1 K ctrls+space says: Key "" is undefined.

It is smart_set_mark_cmd(), that is the same as push_visible_mark().

But your clue was good. If I push a mark with push_mark() on the mark
stack, all works as expected. If I push a mark with push_visible_mark()
on the stack, I get this misbehaviour.

> > and hit the middle mouse button to insert the text from the cut buffer,
> > the open mark is closed (poped from the mark stack) and nothing else
> > happens. Inserting the text with x_insert_cutbuffer() works, but not
> > with the middle mouse button.
> With cuamouse.sl (from Jedmodes), I get a different behaviour: the mark
> is popped and the selection inserted at mouse-point position.

This is not what I want/expect.

> IMHO the best way would be to report this directly to John.

Yes. We should forward this bug to John, because it seems to be located
deeper in jed, than I thought.

Bye, Jörg.
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