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Wed Sep 6 23:41:42 UTC 2006


on my ToDo list, I've an entry “Change DJG-Guidelines, only [XY] for
changelog entries is allowed,” but I could not find a message on the
mailing list which states this. Did we made this decision? I would say
yes, but I found no reference. Therefor I will ask before I change the

While reading the DJG-Guidelines I've saw that it included the old SVN
layout. I've updated the Guidelines.

Can someone explain me what this entry is for?

* Now you can go back to the package sources and do::

     cd ../jed-cool-1.2.3-4
     rm -rf debian
     svn co svn+ssh://

IIRC, Rafael removed the “Local Variables:” section from the changelog
file of jed. Should we remove this from the DJG-Guidelines, too?

Bye, Jörg.
Wenn unser Hirn so einfach wäre, dass es sich selbst
begreifen könnte, dann könnte es sich selbst nicht mehr
begreifen, weil es zu einfach wäre ;) Nur mal so als
philosophischer Denkanstoss...
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