Rafael Laboissiere rafael at
Thu Sep 7 08:42:11 UTC 2006

* Jörg Sommer <joerg at> [2006-09-07 01:41]:

> on my ToDo list, I've an entry ???Change DJG-Guidelines, only [XY] for
> changelog entries is allowed,??? but I could not find a message on the
> mailing list which states this. Did we made this decision? I would say
> yes, but I found no reference. Therefor I will ask before I change the
> DJG-Guidelines.

> Can someone explain me what this entry is for?
> * Now you can go back to the package sources and do::
>      cd ../jed-cool-1.2.3-4
>      rm -rf debian
>      svn co svn+ssh://

This is just to emphasize that it always better to start from a clean
checkout.  This is not mandatory, though.

> IIRC, Rafael removed the ???Local Variables:??? section from the changelog
> file of jed. Should we remove this from the DJG-Guidelines, too?


Thanks for updating the Guidelines, I really appreciate it.  I uploaded the
new version to the website.  You can also do it by running "make" from the
"www/" directory.


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