[Dict-common-dev] UTF-8 and ispell

Rafael Laboissiere rafael at debian.org
Sat Sep 29 07:03:26 UTC 2007

* Agustin Martin <agustin.martin at hispalinux.es> [2007-09-28 16:22]:

> This means we need a versioned conflict on jed-extra in dictionaries-common.
> Another possibility is try adding a fake definition for the aspell adding
> function in case is not defined, but I do not know if this is possible and
> is probably an overkill. What do you think is better?

I think that a versioned conflict is better.
> I have been looking at the code and seems OK. However, when testing the
> resulting file I noticed that bulgarian aspell dict uses \xxx octal chars
> which are not translated.
> > +dictionaries-common ( UNRELEASED; urgency=low
> ...
> > +  * debian.control: Build-Depends on libtext-iconv-perl (needed by
> > +    build_jed_support in DictionariesCommon.pm)
> Does dictionaries-common really need a Build-Depends on libtext-iconv-perl
> or it is just a Depends what is needed. Furthermore, libtext-iconv-perl is
> currently a required package, so that dependency seems not needed unless put
> there only to make this useable under older releases.

Oops, this is a mistake.  libtext-iconv-perl must be a dependency, not a
build-dependency, because the national -> utf8 character set conversion is
done at install time when build_jed_support is run.

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