[RFU] jed 0.99.18+dfsg.1-10

Rafael Laboissiere rafael at debian.org
Sun Apr 20 13:19:42 UTC 2008

As you probably noticed in pkg-jed-commit, I finally got around to learn git
and committed the fi.po changes to the jed package, which will close
Bug#476637.  I did twice "git push" instead of doing only one because I am
still confused by the nedd of doing "git add" beore "git commit".  I still
have a lot to learn as regards git...

Anyway, I am planning to upload version 1:0.99.18+dfsg.1-10 soon.

Jörg, could you please tell me the cookbook for creating a tag in git?  I
could find it by myself by looking at the docs and in your previous messages
to pkg-jed-devel, but I am short in time now.



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