[RFU] jed 0.99.18+dfsg.1-10

G. Milde milde at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Apr 21 06:44:02 UTC 2008

On 20.04.08, Rafael Laboissiere wrote:
> As you probably noticed in pkg-jed-commit, I finally got around to learn git
> and committed the fi.po changes to the jed package, which will close
> Bug#476637.  I did twice "git push" instead of doing only one because I am
> still confused by the nedd of doing "git add" beore "git commit".  I still
> have a lot to learn as regards git...

> Anyway, I am planning to upload version 1:0.99.18+dfsg.1-10 soon.

As I did not manage to learn and set up git yet, I mailed my fix for
Bug#466486 to the list some time ago.

However, It did not get any response on whether someone added it to the
VC system. Could you please find out whether it is already applied?


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