MD5 for JtR, copyright issues

David Paleino d.paleino at
Sun Jan 18 16:40:49 UTC 2009

(please keep the list CCed)

Hello David, Balázs, bartavelle,
I'm integrating some patches into Debian's package of john. Let me expose
different issues I encountered in this mail :-)

David Luyer and Balázs Bucsay:
  missing copyright years. Since a patch doesn't have the ability to carry
  timestamps, I cannot infer those from anywhere. Please provide one, two or
  more, or a range of years.

David Luyer:
  these files are missing copyright years as well. David? :-)

"Bartavelle", Balázs Bucsay and David Luyer:
  this file is missing copyright years (see above), apart from bartavelle (©
  2004). It is also missing any licensing statement - please choose a DFSG-free
  license (common are GPL, BSD or MIT/X11, but there are many others out
  there) -- also Public Domain is fine.
  Another "issue" is about the copyright holder for "bartavelle", I've already
  contacted him/her for this separately (other files involved).

Please reply with your decisions on-list (no need to CC me), I'll use them as
pointers for debian/copyright or an eventual additional file explaining why I
won't add the "X" patch to the package.

David Paleino

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