MD5 for JtR, copyright issues

bartavelle bartavelle at
Sun Jan 18 17:57:51 UTC 2009

David Paleino wrote:
> (please keep the list CCed)
> Hello David, Balázs, bartavelle,
> I'm integrating some patches into Debian's package of john. Let me expose
> different issues I encountered in this mail :-)

> "Bartavelle", Balázs Bucsay and David Luyer:
> src/rawMD5go_fmt.c
>   this file is missing copyright years (see above), apart from bartavelle (©
>   2004). It is also missing any licensing statement - please choose a DFSG-free
>   license (common are GPL, BSD or MIT/X11, but there are many others out
>   there) -- also Public Domain is fine.
>   Another "issue" is about the copyright holder for "bartavelle", I've already
>   contacted him/her for this separately (other files involved).

I'd say GPLv2, just like the main JtR code. As it was not explicitely 
mentionned, it would be nice to have the other contributors opinion on this.

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