[pkg-kolab] kolabd dependancy, leafonly patch & etch

Philip Hands phil at hands.com
Thu Aug 17 20:16:51 UTC 2006


kolabd currently depends on postfix-ldap, which means that (unless you have
a locally patched version of that) you get a version of postfix-ldap that
does not have the required leafonly patch[1].

I suggest that we apply the patch to the 2.3.2 version of postfix
(currently in unstable) and do one of two things.

  If Lamont Jones (postfix maintainer) is willing to distribute
  postfix-ldap with the patch applied, then we can do that, and make the
  postfix-ldap a versioned depend.

  If not, we can generate a kolab-postfix-ldap package, and depend on that
  instead (possibly doing this by patching the main postfix package to have
  it generate an extra package, if Lamont prefers that route)

Either way, the current situation strikes me as an RC bug on kolabd, since
it makes it impossible to install properly, unless you patch postfix (a
fact that's not mentioned in the README, BTW)

BTW The leafonly patch does not apply cleanly to postfix 2.3.2 -- mostly
because of the upstream switching to the use of TABs in preference to
spaces (so it's easy to fix).  This makes me think that we need an etch
branch in svn, so that we can do things like have two versions of that
patch -- if someone that understands the ins and outs of svn-buildpackage
would like to create such a branch in a proper way, I'll commit my version
(once I have write access, which I'm not sure is the case;  user: philh)

Oh, and the reason to use 2.3.2 is to get the null_sender= option for pipe,
which (from memory) isn't available in earlier versions, and does the same
thing as the kolab flags=n patch.

So, Lamont, what would you prefer?

Cheers, Phil.

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