[pkg-kolab] Kolab and cyrus

Steffen Joeris Steffen.Joeris at skolelinux.de
Wed Jan 11 22:28:59 UTC 2006

Hi Cyrus Maintainers

Ok now I want to start this thread about the relationship between Kolab and 
We (the Debian Kolab guys) now want to discuss the inclusion of some patches 
with the Cyrus Maintainers (I write this mail to both lists to inform all 
about it).

I filled various bug reports against the cyrus package and I hope that I 
mention all important patches which seem to be more or less important for 
Kolab. Please don't worry if I miss some information, I think we can give you 
all necessary details, just ask :)

Here is a list of them:


I think there are some important bugs which are difficult to apply.
For example I don't think that the official cyrus want to deactivate the 
"wildcard checks".
So maybe there is a chance to produce an additional binary package which is 
called kolab-cyrus* and which conflicts with the standard cyrus?
This is a lot of work, maybe/hopefully you find an other way of doing it.
Of course you can also say that it is not your job, because we bother you with 
Kolab, in this case we have to solve the problem wit an other way :(

This is just the first mail, maybe we all look again at the patches and write 
some comments to them and maybe during the next days we find a way of how we 
can work on it and create a cyrus which will work together with Kolab.
We hope that you help us with that ;)

During the weekend we want to upload the native Kolab packages to experimental
and provide some other packages which are necessary on alioth.

Before we continue the work on cyrus we want to get your feedback to know how 
to make it ready. We just worked a little bit on a cyrus package but our wish 
is to get all patches into the cyrus22 package.

This is the current state, please complete my report if i miss something.

Thanks for your time which you maybe will spend on this ;)

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