[pkg-kolab] Re: [Pkg-Cyrus-imapd-Debian-devel] Kolab and cyrus

Sven Mueller cyrus at incase.de
Fri Jan 13 14:47:02 UTC 2006

Henrique de Moraes Holschuh wrote on 13/01/2006 04:20:
> On Thu, 12 Jan 2006, Sven Mueller wrote:
>>While it would certainly be possible, I would personally not want to get
>>my hands dirty on that.
> If you feel unconfortable with the idea, then we won't do it.  This must be
> an unanimous decision on the Cyrus team, or it just wouldn't be right.

Well, if the kolab team wants to avoid duplicating work (like I think
they want), I would propose the following:
Alternative 1: A member (or several members) of the kolab team joins the
cyrus-imapd team and takes care of any kolab related bugs as well as
modifying the build system so that both types of binary packages are
built. Of course anyone from the existing cyrus team may also help on
these, but I would like to see someone from the kolab team to be
primarily responsible for the kolab related stuff.
Alternative 2: We do a fork of the packages like Henrique described in
his mail, but keep both source packages in the same repository so that
fixes on one side can easily be merged into the other. However, the
kolab team would take full responsibility of the cyrus-kolab packages.

I would personally prefer (2), but I wouldn't stand in the way of (1)
either. Either way, I would certainly help wherever I can, including the
kolab area (since I like the kolab "suite"), but given the nature of the
patches which seem to be required to get kolab working, I don't want to
be responsible for those packages.


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