[pkg-kolab] Bug#375431: included

Steffen Joeris steffen.joeris at credativ.de
Thu Jun 29 11:08:13 UTC 2006


Thanks a lot for your patch and your effort.
I included a few parts of your patch.
I left the php5 stuff, because AFAIK horde doesn't run properly with php5, so 
we better stay with php4 for now.
I also don't see a reason for changing the checkpoint option (was it really a 
The ntp problem is a bit strange, haven't seen that before or I can remember, 
please check it again. 
Maybe you want to explain this local_transport = kolabmailboxfilter option? :)
Feel free to comment and cry it out loud if you think we missed an important 
point and again thanks a lot for the patch. A lot of useful things are 
already added because of this. :)


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