[pkg-kolab] Bug#375431: included

Shri Shrikumar shri at kraya.co.uk
Thu Jun 29 11:15:31 UTC 2006

Steffen Joeris wrote:

>Thanks a lot for your patch and your effort.

It was a pleasure to be of service.

>I included a few parts of your patch.
>I left the php5 stuff, because AFAIK horde doesn't run properly with php5, so 
>we better stay with php4 for now.
Sure - no problem.

>I also don't see a reason for changing the checkpoint option (was it really a 
slapd complained about its location and I had to change it before it
would start.

>The ntp problem is a bit strange, haven't seen that before or I can remember, 
>please check it again. 
I am running a stable distribution and installed kolabd with the -t
testing flag which removed ntp. If you installed everything from
testing, it should not be a problem.

>Maybe you want to explain this local_transport = kolabmailboxfilter option? :)
I found that local mail (and sometimes mail from fetchmail) would not
get delivered correctly without this option. It might have been caused
due to something else and I don't know any of the packages well enough
to comment more than that.

Please get in touch if there is anything you wish to discuss further.

Best Wishes,


Shri Shrikumar

t: 0845 644 4745
f: 0131 478 7377
w: www.kraya.co.uk

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