[pkg-kolab] Status and Roadmap?

Johannes Graumann graumann at caltech.edu
Mon Mar 13 17:28:18 UTC 2006


I have tried multiple times to get kolab running the debian way on my unstable 
server following the instructions at 
and have failed every time. I don't have all the details for my last failure 
handy, since I can't access my install log from where I am, but issues I had 
to battle through as a newbie were missing references to the need to activate 
apache2s ssl module and the likes. There were also configuration file lines 
that had to be commented out to get them parsed properly, the 'calendar' user 
password in the example ldap info is not given in cleartext, the 
kolab-webadmin package is not in "deb 
http://pkg-kolab.alioth.debian.org/experimental-packages/ ./" and so on. I'm 
more than happy to pass all this on, but from the (lack of) answers to 
previous posts I don't get the impression that there's interest in helping 
people who aren't kolab-savvy already.
Please let me know:
1) what's the plan with the packages? Are they reaching experimental status 
2) can there be an addition to the howto describing the build of packages 
up-to-date with the projects svn repository (the packages in the above deb 
archive don't seem to be updated).
3) What's the status of the bootstrap? Is there any interaction going on with 
the gentooizer of kolab at http://projects.gunnarwrobel.de/kolab, who has a 
bootstrap up and running?

I'm  big kontact fan and would really like to get this running as a backend!
You were requesting feedback to the installation instructions, but I did not 
receive answers to previous posts - please state that you only want your 
stuff tested by specialists if that's the case ... but if you intend to get 
your packages into debian proper, you will have to deal with the noobs like 
me sooner or later ...


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