[pkg-kolab] Status and Roadmap?

Steffen Joeris Steffen.Joeris at skolelinux.de
Fri Mar 17 22:42:59 UTC 2006

Hi Johannes and others

Sorry for all the delay I am currently on my holidays and Noel was also right 
busy with other things.
Now all kolab packages made it into Debian and they are now included in Debian 
experimental. So you can use the packages directly from experimental (just 
put it into your sources.list).
If you test right now please use the packages from debian experimental.
I know that we are sometimes not very responsive and especially me, please 
take my apologies I hope and try to promise that I will be more responsive.

For now it would be wonderful if you can try to install the kolabd package 
from experimental and then follow the readme step by step. If you find any 
errors please do not hesitate to write bugreports into the BTS, I can also 
help you with that if neccessary, you can find me on IRC (freenode or OFTC) I 
am white.
Today we got our first real bugreport (against kolab-webadmin) and it is fixed 
in svn :)

Sorry that I can't give you more details for now, but please don't stop your 
nice testing and I am sure that you will have a running kolab system within 
the next weeks ;)

Hope this helps you for now.

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