[pkg-kolab] Re: State of debian packages?

Esteban Adrián Pérez dgeaperez at hotmail.com
Mon Mar 19 14:25:25 CET 2007

Dear friends,

I agree with you about what you are discussing in this chain...

I´m a "newbie" about all concerning to getting functional a groupware 

I´ve not the "urgency" in getting it functional right now as I´m trying to 
migrate from a mdaemon over a W2AS, so when my job lets me do it, I go on 
with the "journey to setup a kolab server" ;)

I know that it´s not your primary goal to teach the people how to setup up a 
domain, neither a mail server nor a ldap server. But, some links to HowTo´s 
for dummies will be helpfull... Just a suggerence...:

In "google" you can find at least 2 ways to install kolab, one using openpkg 
and the other one is the way you suggest (I started with my left foot, but 
the chances are 50/50) and I knew your way thanks to posting my first answer 
in this list.

But this is the end of the road, I must learn in my own way how to setup up 
a lot of files just using the "old fashion" method: try & error... (thanks 
Google! and howtoforge!)

Please, read this as an experience and not as a criticism: don´t be obscure 
if you want to give light!... M$ mastered that, and I want to live to see 
Linux installed in 51% of de pc´s of the world!

And I´m one of those who just use aptitude or apt-get to install, update or 
upgrade my Debian...

I´ve nothing against other methods.. but... would you just tell us (the 
newbies) how to do it? perhaps in your site, your list, or in your 
"package".. but, please, teach us how to do it! don´t keep that data in 

Please, share with us how to get your development functional, that is the 
only way to make it popular and to get a lot of debugers working for you and 
keep your development working!...

Thanks in advance, and pls accept my appologies if my words hurt any 
feelings... they are far away from that...



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