[pkg-kolab] Master/slave questions and a probable bug

Price,Neil NPrice at gibb.co.za
Mon Oct 20 14:57:39 UTC 2008

Anyone added a a slave server using Mathieu's debs?

Acccording to the wiki when you add the slave on the master using the admin
interface you should see it in etc/openldap/slapd.replicas. That does not

Also while setting up the slave kolab-bootstrap it cannot see the master on
the ldaps://servername address but can on ldap://servername. Normal?

Hunting around the ldap conf files I see lots of slurpd references and no
syncrepl configuration (that I can see). What kind of sync are actually

kolab-bootstrap -b dies with a "could not open /etc/kolab/kolab.global"
There is no such file but there is a /etc/kolab/kolab.globals. Bug?

The section of code it appears in does not appear in the kolab openpkg. I
assume Mathieu has added this to work with Debian's openldap 2.4 instead of
the modified openldap 2.3 in Kolab openpkg?

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