[pkg-kolab] Lenny/Kolab

Mark Pavlichuk pav5088 at internode.on.net
Tue Oct 21 00:35:47 UTC 2008

Price,Neil wrote:
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> Be great to see an update on the wiki. I also have been compiling notes.
 Looks like Mathieu has already edited the wiki with the latest 
information on getting Kolab working.

 My Kolab efforts are part of a larger project - I'm trying to automate 
building of an LDAP based infrastructure with lots of integrated 
services and a GUI.  So far I've got scripts for installing GOsa (a GUI 
for managing LDAP based services), and integrating services such is Unix 
posix accounts, Samba, DNS, and DHCP.  I've also got a script for 
integrating SOGo (Scalable Opengroupware), but integrating Kolab seems 
like it will be difficult and beyond my skills - I Googled for wisdom 
after having some schema issues and the mailing-list advice is that it's 
a difficult and seldom trodden path.

 I'm mentioning this here in case anyone else is interested in achieving 
the same thing, and has better LDAP-fu.
My efforts so far are here : 

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