[pkg-kolab] Kolab_bootstrap - copying ldap data to slave

Price,Neil NPrice at gibb.co.za
Mon Oct 20 15:49:39 UTC 2008

Whilst attempting to set a slave with kolab_bootstrap -b (I modified
kolab_bootstrap to get past my earlier problem with kolab.globals) I get the

Stopping OpenLDAP: slapd.
ssh -CA kolab.gibb.co.za  -C /var/lib/ldap -pcf - openldap-data |  -C
/var/lib/ldap -pxf -
sh: -C: command not found
root at kolab.gibb.co.za's password:

That ssh statement looks wrong to me, the bit after the hostname should be a
command. The bit after the pipe makes no sense to me whatever. Presumably
the object is to copy the contents of the /var/lib/ldap directory. Can
anyone free me from my ignorance?

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