[pkg-kolab] Master/slave questions and a probable bug

Price,Neil NPrice at gibb.co.za
Wed Oct 22 06:07:49 UTC 2008

> > Also while setting up the slave kolab-bootstrap it cannot 
> see the master on
> > the ldaps://servername address but can on ldap://servername. Normal?
> Probably not.

Looks like ldaps is not running on the master, will check this out when I
have time.

> syncrepl, you should have "overlay syncrepl" on the master and
> "syncrepl" on the slaves

OK, its starting to make sense.

> > kolab-bootstrap -b dies with a "could not open 
> /etc/kolab/kolab.global"
> > There is no such file but there is a /etc/kolab/kolab.globals. Bug?
> which packages are you using?

The latest ones you uploaded to alioth. I apt-get them on Monday this week.
I just had a look at it again on alioth and it has this line (820):

  my $kolab_globals = "/etc/kolab/kolab.global";

(but that is in a section for slurpd)

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