[pkg-kolab] Thoughts on syncrepl support in kolab_boostrap and kolabconf

Mathieu Parent math.parent at gmail.com
Mon Oct 27 17:52:55 UTC 2008


2008/10/22 Price,Neil <NPrice at gibb.co.za>:
> I had a look at in the kolab upstream cvs for kolab_bootstrap and it didn't
> look they have done much in this regard. Some of the few relevant statements
> are commented out.
> To achieve this we need
> 1. create a replicator dn during setup. (this is the bit they have commented
> out).
This is not needed: manager's dn is used. This can be an interresting

> 2. accesslog setup on master slapd.conf.
Not needed. You can propose a patch anyway.

> 3. syncrepl setup on slave slapd.conf
This was already done in /etc/ldap/slapd.replicas

This was not working for other reasons :
1. On the master, edit /etc/default/slapd, and set
SLAPD_SERVICES="ldap:// ldaps:/// ldapi:///" to enable
SSL. Maybe kolab_bootstrap should automaticaly do this?
2. Install the latest kolabd snapshot that includes some fixes
specific to slave setup (missing parameters:
slapcat as unprivileged user:

> To achieve 2+3 you'd need a strategy for coping with very different
> slapd.conf on master and slaves. Different templates? Different includes?
> Use kolabconf to modify?
Those differences are handled by buildLDAPReplicas (see

> The details of how they currently deal with templates seem to be hidden in
> Kolab.pm which I haven't had the courage to look at yet.
Take a look at Kolab/Conf.pm

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Mathieu Parent

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