[pkg-kolab] installation of kolab-webclient

John McMonagle johnm at advocap.org
Thu Dec 1 22:04:11 UTC 2011

Did upgrade of openpkg kolab recently to 2.3.4.
The html mail handling is nasty so I'm looking for an alternative.

I set up a separate debian squeeze server.
Installed kolab-webclient following 

I winged it by editing the files in /etc/kolab-webclient.

If I put in valid uid and password after a few seconds it clears and goes back 
to login. 
If I  put in bad password it gives appropriate message.

I am getting ldap and imap connections to the kolab server.
Looking at the  imap log on the kolab server it appears to be authorizing and 
accessing imap OK.

Any suggestions?
How should I be doing the configuration?


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