[pkg-kolab] installation of kolab-webclient

Mathieu Parent math.parent at gmail.com
Fri Dec 2 09:33:33 UTC 2011


2011/12/1 John McMonagle <johnm at advocap.org>:
> Did upgrade of openpkg kolab recently to 2.3.4.
> The html mail handling is nasty so I'm looking for an alternative.
> I set up a separate debian squeeze server.
> Installed kolab-webclient following
> http://wiki.kolab.org/Debian_-_Administrators_-_Horde_Installation

The kolab-webclient in Debian is experimental. It's buggy and outdated.

> I winged it by editing the files in /etc/kolab-webclient.
> If I put in valid uid and password after a few seconds it clears and goes back
> to login.

Take a look at how you PHP sessions are stored.

Also log in via email instead of uid.

> If I  put in bad password it gives appropriate message.

At least something works ;-)

> I am getting ldap and imap connections to the kolab server.
> Looking at the  imap log on the kolab server it appears to be authorizing and
> accessing imap OK.

> Any suggestions?
> How should I be doing the configuration?

I got it working when I uploaded the package, but a lot of other
packages have changed and I won't focus my time on this (I prefer to
invest in Horde4).


Mathieu Parent

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