[pkg-kolab] Kolab debian repositories

Paul Boddie paul at boddie.org.uk
Sun Mar 23 21:27:59 UTC 2014

On Wednesday 19. March 2014 19.03.54 Paul Boddie wrote:
> In summary, the reworked ones are here:
> http://www.boddie.org.uk/downloads/kolab/2014-03-08/

Following up to myself, here, I've updated the pykolab and kolab-utils 
packages in the above location to fix various things. Particularly the LDAP, 
Postfix and IMAP support should be functional now after I realised that some 
of my refactoring in pykolab inadvertently broke some things.

The forked pykolab code can be found here:


Packaging repositories are still here:



> P.S. Yesterday, I discovered that we might need to work on the Postfix
> integration, given that it didn't seem to be set up for secure
> communication, thus preventing the sending of mail. Again, advice from
> more experienced packagers and mail admins is very welcome.

For now, I've made setup-kolab adopt the ssl-cert-snakeoil certificate by 
default, although it does provide a choice of certificate anyway.

Some other things that probably need consideration:

The elimination of stderr messages in favour of debconf "note" templates (if 
only debconf/whiptail - or whatever it's called - behaved sensibly when 
suspended). Advice about debconf would indeed be welcome: I just used the 
debconf Python module in setup-kolab, but there are probably things I don't do 
that I should, particularly around handling debconf 

Some handling of OpenLDAP because if you've forgotten to make 389-ds packages 
available (like I did while testing), setup-kolab gives up on configuring LDAP 
and thus fails to provide a working system.

Tests to ensure a proper hostname. Although this is arguably elementary 
sysadmin stuff, it's good to provide sanity checking rather than have things 
fail (like amavis) because they don't like what "uname -a" (or whatever) 

Proper Dovecot support. Maybe Dovecot doesn't need to explicitly create 
mailboxes but does so on demand, but some guidance about mapping Kolab 
functionality to Dovecot instead of Cyrus would be very helpful.

Hope this is of interest to readers of this list!


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