[pkg-kolab] Kolab debian repositories

Diane Trout diane at ghic.org
Mon Mar 24 04:45:53 UTC 2014

> Proper Dovecot support. Maybe Dovecot doesn't need to explicitly create
> mailboxes but does so on demand, but some guidance about mapping Kolab
> functionality to Dovecot instead of Cyrus would be very helpful.

So I can offer a little bit here, the debian default for dovecot is designed 
to provide access to mail to people who have accounts on the machine. It's 
looking in their home directory for mail, and I think it was to authenticate 
via pam against the system users.

You can of course change it many ways from that set up. 

At least the 2.x series for dovecot provides a doveadm command that supports 
checking logs, seeing whose logged in, kicking users, and copying / deleting 

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