[pkg-kolab] mod-php vs php-fpm.

Diane Trout diane at ghic.org
Thu Mar 27 18:03:18 UTC 2014


In my experiments building some of the roundcube & kolab components
( http://ghic.org/~diane/bottom-up-kolab.html )

I modified some of the packages to depend on php5 | php5-fpm 

The biggest problem I ran into for doing that was that chwala has some 
.htaccess files in public_html and public_html/api and if you don't have mod-
php loaded apache can't parse them.

At least when using php5-fpm it looks like you can rename the .htaccess files 
to .user.ini. 
( http://php.net/manual/en/configuration.file.per-user.php )

Unfortunately the documentation seems to suggest .user.ini files won't work 
with mod-php. I don't know much about packaging php code, so I don't know if 
its reasonable to try and support both environments in official packages.

It does look like php5-fpm does have the advantage it can work with nginx in 
addition to apache worker. While mod-php can only work with apache prefork.


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