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Amaya amaya at debian.org
Sun Jul 9 15:00:48 UTC 2006

Sending this where it belongs.

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Date: Sat, 08 Jul 2006 17:38:57 +0200
From: nemesis <nemesis.edsa at gmx.de>
To: amaya at debian.org
Subject: lirc-0.8.1

I'm from germany, so first, sorry for my "brilliant" english ;-)

I wanted to build a .deb with the sources of lirc-0.8.1pre1, so first, I 
ran ./configure and set the driver configuration to irda-driver: asus 
Then "save and run config"
After it has done, i ran dh_make, to build a single binary package. he 
created the debian/ folder.
Now I tried to run dpkg-buildpackage to build a .deb, but:
       /configure: error: no driver specified, try ./configure --help
       make: *** [config.status] Fehler 1
The Notebook is a "Asus - W1978NALP", so I thougt, the driver has to be 
Asus, but it aint so.

Can You help me please?

Thx and greetings from Germany

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