Bug#580972: multipath-tools: unnecessary call to multipath in /etc/udev/rules.d/z60_multipath.rules

Faidon Liambotis paravoid at debian.org
Sun May 1 23:01:47 UTC 2011


On Mon, May 02, 2011 at 04:09:19AM +0530, Ritesh Raj Sarraf wrote:
> I've recently taken up multipath maintenance from Guido.

I noticed, hence the ping :)

> I totally agree with the large number of LUNs rescan issue. It will
> bring your machine down immediately.
> What I'd like you to confirm is is if this issue is seen on squeeze/sid?
> The bug report is against the  version in lenny where I'm not sure what
> adverse effects this change could bring. Workaround for lenny could be
> to simply comment that rule.
> If you see this problem with sid, please confirm on this bug report. I'd
> like to fix this. Meanwhile I'll see if I can reproduce this issue in my
> sid setup.

The udev rules that calls /sbin/multipath *in addition* to notifying
multipathd via uevent is still there, so yes, I confirm that the issue


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