[Pkg-mc-devel] on our way to 4.8.1-2

Dmitry Smirnov onlyjob at member.fsf.org
Tue Feb 28 05:42:23 UTC 2012

Hi Andreas,

> I was offline today and have not checked the bugs you wrote about above.
> Will check this in more detail tomorrow.

No worries, I've checked all of them and all new bugs are addressed.
Unzip regression was introduced in 4.8.1-1 (fixed in 4.8.1-2)
and there were few issues with upgrade and migration of old settings - all 

4.8.1-2 will close all new bugs and few more old ones so after its upload we 
will have less than 30 bugs opened. :)

NEWS file describe changes regarding Lynx-like motion.
Yesterday I tried if for the very first time and found it uncomfortable.
After all these years I certainly wouldn't like to have it by default as I 
imagine it may cause frustration to many other people as well.

If you're serious about it, let's make a wishlist bug and invite more people 
to discussion, but so far nobody asked to make it default so I think it's not 
too important.

I've made few more changes in repository so now I believe it is ready-ready 
for upload. (Hopefully I won't need to make any changes to this version, it 
appears to be settled.)

All the best,

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