Bug#332727: [Pkg-mediawiki-devel] Bug#332727: mediawiki: cherokee not included in debconf, apache* dependency only

Jens Körner jens at kleinflintbek.net
Tue Oct 11 11:39:23 UTC 2005


Am 08. Oct 2005 schrieb Romain Beauxis: 

> So if you installed cherokee from its package, you may not encounter this bug.
> Can you provide more informations on this bug, because as for now, it should 
> be closed.

I installed cherokee with apt-get from testing source and it serves my
homepage since more than 7 months. Recognising the installation problem 
with mediawiki I tried to find out more about this on the cherokee
mailing list.

Here is the part from aptitude log,
[INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] libapache-mod-php4
[INSTALL, DEPENDENCIES] libdbd-mysql-perl
[INSTALL] mediawiki

Answer to my question why that happend,

Most packages declare their dependency on 'apache | httpd', which
means "Any web server (but Apache is the first on the list)". Why?
Because that's what the maintainers have tested it against.

If you find a Web-based application which depends on Apache and cannot
be installed with any other Web server (and doesn't have a reason for
that - i.e., if it's a mod_perl application, it _is_ bound to Apache,
like it or not), please file a bug, as it should not depend on that
specific package.


Gunnar Wolf - gwolf at gwolf.org

I'm sorry to say that I cannot help further because I purged
mediawiki.deb and installed the beta version of mediawiki (no .deb) 
to /var/www and found a solution to make it work with cherokee.


1.create a file (asuming DocumentRoot is where mediawiki has its main
tree, usually in debiansystems /usr/lib/mediawiki/)

## Virtual server for mediawiki
Directory /mediawiki {
          Handler common
          DocumentRoot /usr/lib/mediawiki/

2.copy that file to /etc/cherokee/sites-available/mediawiki

3.create a symlink from this directory to

4. chmod 640, chown www-data:www-data

5.restart cherokee


I hope that this will help a little

Best Regards 
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