Bug#392966: [Pkg-mediawiki-devel] Bug#392966: mediawiki multisite setup request

Romain Beauxis toots at rastageeks.org
Mon Feb 5 00:18:00 CET 2007

Le dimanche 4 février 2007 18:56, Dan Jacobson a écrit :
> IAB> I can't see (in the FUSE documentation)
> Sounds complicated. Debian should just have a script:
> # install_mediawiki_site mysite1.com [mysite2.com]...
> that does mkdir /var/lib/mysite1.com and puts mostly lots of symlinks to
> /usr/share/... which the user can replace with real files later for
> the parts he needs. Also later he can add a mysite3.com with the same
> script.
> The script would also set up apache.

You know what is the anwser to those comments..
Debian 'should' have what *you* worked for it. If you'd like to add this, then 
plase go on, we are ready to accept contributions..

Also, to your own knowledge, I have worked on such scripts previously, but how 
would you handle upgrades ? Especially when the project structure should 
change, i.e. that your symlinks may not reflect the new project tree ?
So you'll need a hook on upgrade to updates all the mirrored wikis.
So you'll need a good synchronisation algorithm to perform this task..
Etc, etc.

I agree that fuse is not *the* solution since it cannot satisfy everyone, but 
at least that some work that is *done* and *working*

> As of now, they discourage using Debian's mediawiki if you ask on
> news:gmane.science.linguistics.wikipedia.technical

Also, you know the anwser to this question: instead of criticising our 
packaging without any point, why don't you explain why they discourage it ?
I think I have processed all your bug reports, as far as I though they were 

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