[Pkg-mediawiki-devel] MW 1.16.0 for experimental

Jonathan Wiltshire debian at jwiltshire.org.uk
Mon Aug 2 19:32:26 UTC 2010


I've spent a couple of days investigating the new upstream release series
and it's in fairly good shape. There's one upgrade point I'd like some help

Upstream provides a maintenance script to do the database upgrade at the
command line, and simultaneously does away with $wgDBadminuser and friends
(using just $wgDBuser etc for everything).  Therefore I intend to call it
during postinst so the administrator doesn't have to do this manually.

On a freshly installed 1.16.x wiki the user has all privilegs which is fine,
but during an upgrade from the 1.15.x series the database user only has these
and so the upgrade fails manificently.

I'm open to ideas for solving this one. My initial thoughts were:
 - debconf prompts for the root details and wiki db user and changes it
   first (but the user running the upgrade might not know the wiki db
   username or have it to hand)
 - debconf gets the root details and looks up the wiki user from
   mediawiki's settings file, and changes it
 - the user is asked to check permissions first and run the upgrade later
   (but this doesn't really solve the problem I want to solve)
 - we do nothing, the user does the normal web-based upgrade and discovers
   that permissions need tweaking (which is annoying for the user)
 - debconf just warns in a note that these things need to happen

If you have a better one I'd love to hear it. Whatever happens, the
'wikidb' user or whatever else the user has chosen is going to start
needing full access to the database from 1.16 onwards, if this release is
anything to go by.


Jonathan Wiltshire

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