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Thorsten Glaser t.glaser at tarent.de
Wed May 30 13:14:37 UTC 2012

On Wed, 30 May 2012, Jonathan Wiltshire wrote:

> time. Maybe it would be wise to get 1.18 tested and into unstable first 

I don’t think having an intermediate 1.18 would be wise if we want
to ship 1.19 – rather, I think it would have the reverse effect.

> If you're prepared to support 1.19 as an LTS then I suggest we try our 
> hardest to make that the version we ship in Debian. I didn't get any 

With the work by Roland Mas on FusionForge side, I’m fully prepared
to test the combination of mediawiki=1:1.19* and mediawiki-math from
experimental, once the former’s uploaded to experimental and the latter
passes NEW queue.

> That should remove some of the 
> barrier to getting 1.18 into unstable. Thorsten, are there any other 
> major obstacles for you and Roland with your FF hats on?

Not from FF side, but please spare us testing with 1.18 and then
1.19, time is precious enough already, and it’s easier concentrating
on things that really matter.

> I plan to ship mediawiki-math as an empty transitional package, 
> mediawiki-extensions-math to replace it (this is consistent with other 
> extensions then) and contain the arch:all parts, and 
> mediawiki-math-texvc or something with the arch:any parts. Please object 
> now if you forsee any problem with that.

Works for me. The dep is on mediawiki-math, for now.

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