[Pkg-mono-svn-commits] [SCM] mono annotated tag, 2.8.2, created. 2.8.2

Jérémie Laval jeremie.laval at gmail.com
Mon Jan 28 12:05:20 UTC 2013

The annotated tag, 2.8.2 has been created
        at  47ae77b5608c6dc0e3e5497f857c450fba3a41cf (tag)
   tagging  84570ffb93ee98d513318c9e7a5e3a111161cf11 (commit)
  replaces  2.8.1
 tagged by  Andrew Jorgensen
        on  Tue Feb 1 08:22:13 2011 -0700

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
2.8.2 Final

Alex Fort (1):
      Add support for the CancelKeyPress event on Windows

Andrew Jorgensen (2):
      get-monolite-latest now pulls a versioned archive
      Bump version to 2.8.2 for next bugfix release

Andy Hume (1):
      [fix, winforms] Fix the ProgressBar speed in Marquee situations

Daniel Sell (1):
      Fix Expression.MakeBinary so it can return ArrayIndex nodes

Geoff Norton (2):
      Fix a potential NRE when using bitmap contexts
      Add some missing files needed for windows to the tarball

Gonzalo Paniagua Javier (24):
      Get the user name from the UID not the USER env
      User name and home directory initialization
      Wrong return value in mono_sem_timedwait()
      Fix typo.
      Updated remove_wsq.
      Fix g_dir_open et al for windows.
      Don't throw when unable to write autogen keys
      Build fixing
      Hush cross-compilation warnings
      Web service help fix
      [File.ReadLines] Dispose the StreamReader in the right place.
      [Sockets] Support Remote/LocalEndPoint for AF_UNIX
      Fix the moonlight build
      Fix Process.HasExited regression
      Delete end local endpoint when stopping the server
      Fixes problem with exceptions on init
      InitOnce does not throw
      Get system.web/httpRuntime only once
      Don't throw in EndReceive/EndSend + out error
      [ThreadPool] Reset the abort state when unloading a domain
      Mach uses wait_time not abs_time
      [OSX] semaphore_timedwait might return > 0 for errors
      Previous patch was wrong.
      Socket is not connected after error

Guillaume Pouillet (1):
      Fix bug in BlockingCollection<T>.TryTake Add corresponding unit test

Jackson Harper (1):
      Parse RequestPathInvalidCharacters properly. Fixes urls with commas in them.

Jb Evain (2):
      Make sure AppdDomain.PermissionSet doesn't return null
      [LINQ] Fix non generic AsQueryable issue #661462

Joe Dluzen (1):
      Fix for #656021.

Jonathan Pryor (1):
      Don't load app.config when we're processing app.config

Jérémie Laval (15):
      Fix ReaderWriterLockSlim Exit methods in SupportsRecursion mode and add corresponding unit tests
      [ReaderWriterLockSlim] Fix for #656353. Add corresponding unit test.
      Increment Count even on single-processor in SpinWait. Fix #624849.
      Backport ParallelFx changes from master in System.Threading
      Backport ParallelFx changes from master in System.Threading.Tasks
      Backport ParallelFx changes from master in System.Collections.Concurrent
      Backport ParallelFx changes from master in corlib unit tests
      Backport ParallelFx changes from master in System.Threading.Tasks
      Backport ParallelFx changes from master in System.Linq
      Backport ParallelFx changes from master in System.Linq.Parallel
      Backport ParallelFx changes from master in System.Linq.Parallel.QueryNodes
      Backport ParallelFx changes from master in System.Collections.Concurrent
      Update ThreadLocal to use default(T) for initialization with parameterless ctor following comment on https://connect.microsoft.com/VisualStudio/feedback/details/630350/threadlocal-documentation-and-actual-behavior-mismatch
      Use proper pattern for executing synchronous Task
      Use correct exception when a key is not found in ConcurrentDictionary

Lluis Sanchez (3):
      Throw correct exceptions when using generated serializer
      Fix code generation issue with nested generic types
      Fix several issues in the code generator

Marek Habersack (15):
      [asp.net] Part of fix for bug #653013. StateManagedCollection must perform a full clear in LoadViewState
      [asp.net] Part of fix for bug #653013. AsyncPostBackTrigger must react to events generated by the trigger control's children.
      [asp.net] Implmeneted the System.Web.Configuration.ScriptingRoleServiceSection type
      [asp.net] .NET 4.0 declares the <system.web.extensions> section in machine.config
      [asp.net] Part of fix for bug #649546. Better handling of nested UpdatePanels
      [asp.net] Fix for bug #658278. Panels render children only when parent is present and ChildrenAsTriggers is enabled
      [asp.net] Test suite configuration updates for 4.0
      [asp.net] Fix for bug #467221. Properly match location sub-paths for security trimming
      [corlib] Fix for bug #659061. Adjust size of the last group when formatting numbers with group separators.
      [asp.net] Don't attempt to use System.Web resources in System.Web.Extensions test build
      [asp.net] Added code to handle local resources copying in the test suite
      [asp.net] Failing tests fixes.
      [system.runtime.caching] Do not test the invalid behavior
      [asp.net] The test must always run with the en-US locale
      [wcf] UriTemplate must trim the first leading slash in the rendered template.

Marek Safar (3):
      [655766] Encode string null attribute argument
      [641146] Implemented IStructuralComparable.CompareTo
      [656150] Fix repl recovery after invalid expression.

Miguel de Icaza (1):
      [winforms] revert patch, it regresses the test suite: https://github.com/mono/mono/commit/8334fe3a56c978ffe7f8cb199536f9b3234afdbe

Robert Nagy (1):
      Add support for the internal boehm-gc on OpenBSD

Rodrigo Kumpera (3):
      Check generic instantions for constraint violations.
      Fix corlib testsuite crash.
      Handle invalid instantiation of generic methods.

Tom Hindle (5):
      [winforms,fix] Prevent Clipboard APIs from running any Idle handlers
      [winforms] DataGridView.cs : Made MoveCurrentCell not attempt access Column index -1.
      [winforms] Add modal support to Forms
      [winforms] WM_SETFOCUS is sent before Keyboard Focus is changed.
      [winforms] Fix ContextMenuStrip vertical position can be wrong.

Zoltan Varga (22):
      Special case Interlocked.CompareExchange<T> in the aot runtime.
      Remove a debug printf.
      Bump the max size of the arm prolog to prevent overflows.
      Pop the arguments to the throw trampoline from the stack on x86. Fixes #654322.
      Fix infinite recursion in the CompareExchange aot code.
      Don't allow EventType.Breakpoint in vm.EnableEvents ().
      Fix an assert in single stepping if an IL offset doesn't correspond to a seq point. Fixes #654694.
      Fix the thumb build.
      Set the thumb bit in the CPSR when resuming from a signal handler to a thumb function on arm.
      Load dependent assemblies of an aot image from the assembly's basedir. Fixes #654850.
      Fix the previous arm EH change.
      Add support for the processorArchitecture field in assembly names. Fixes #655096.
      Increase maximum size of ppc prolog. Fixes #654460.
      Link the iomap profiler against eglib. Fixes #627889.
      Fix stack alignment when resuming from a signal handler in the soft debugger. Fixes #647464.
      Add support for the internal boehm-gc on OpenBSD
      Emit write barriers for multi-dim Array.Set (). Fixes #656128.
      Export mono_xdebug_flush ().
      Fix a backport problem.
      Fix handling of gshared methods declared in generic superclasses of nongeneric classes in stack traces. Fixes #658645.
      Fix a merge problem introduced by e10b6ddad774.
      Implement VBByRefStr marshalling. Fixes #661917.

vvaradhan (3):
      ** Fixes #456234 - Patch by amc1999 at gmail.com
      ** Fixes #582732
      Merge branch 'mono-2-8' of github.com:mono/mono into mono-2-8



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