[Pkg-mono-svn-commits] [SCM] mono annotated tag, 2.8.1, created. 2.8.1

Marek Habersack grendel at twistedcode.net
Mon Jan 28 12:05:20 UTC 2013

The annotated tag, 2.8.1 has been created
        at  662ad6ee1249ceb0b9873d02034d03fee429b616 (tag)
   tagging  5d600522ed12dff1287a6aae292b5bb93d682baa (commit)
  replaces  2.8
 tagged by  Andrew Jorgensen
        on  Wed Nov 17 15:57:10 2010 -0700

- Shortlog ------------------------------------------------------------
2.8.1 Final

Andrew Jorgensen (2):
      Bump version to 2.8.1
      Map libcups for mac

Ankit Jain (15):
      [xbuild] Log default msg for TargetSkipped if @reason is null or empty.
      [xbuild] Reduce ConsoleLogger's unnecessary output.
      [xbuild] Fix ConsoleLogger's output, extra blank lines etc.
      [xbuild] Fix handling of tool output.
      [xbuild] Fix a race condition in ToolTask.
      [xbuild] Add ToolTask.EnvironmentVariables property.
      [xbuild] Fix case sensitive environment variables for ToolTask.
      [xbuild] Use files referenced by resx for dependency check.
      [xbuild] Update regex to not require EndProject in a sln file.
      [xbuild] Log TaskFinished even when task fails to initialize.
      [xbuild] Reset ConsoleLogger when a build finishes.
      [xbuild] Reset cache of built targets, on a new project build.
      [xbuild] Add ResolveAssemblyReferencesDependsOn .
      [xbuild] Set default TargetFrameworkVersion=4.0 for ToolsVersion=4.0
      [xbuild] Fix bug #646941. Add explicit System.Core for >=3.5 projects.

Atsushi Eno (1):
      Remove extra call to HttpResponse.Flush() which would crash.

Brian Luczkiewicz (1):
      Enable --aot (but not --aot=full) on osx/x86

Daniel J Sell (1):
      [asp.net] Fix for bug #653192. making MasterPageFile handle relative paths

Geoff Norton (4):
      Fix a crash when using the embedding api
      [OSX] Fix debug=casts on OSX (Bug: 639172)
      [OSX] Reintroduce Cocoa System.Drawing support
      Fix the build

Gonzalo Paniagua Javier (21):
      X509Chain always uses the LM store
      [ThreadPool] Clear the thread state
      Able to read MS serialized nullable<primitive>
      Handle special case when disposing a socket.
      Add support for EnableSsl in smtp config.
      Set have_response
      Fix the collision handling code
      GetProcessById now works on the Mac too
      UDP sockets allow connections to Any
      Fix return value of items_read
      Fixed GetLogicalDriveString
      Use UTF8 instead of ASCII when reading mount info
      Linux /proc/mounts might have escaped characters
      Allow ordinal entry points in windows.
      FromBinary does not need ToLocalTime
      Replace EnumProcesses with OpenProcess
      Avoid killing the thread if socket already null
      Renaming a dangling symlink works now
      Revert change in FromBinary
      Don't cache child nodes when security trimming is enabled.

Jb Evain (2):
      Allow null values in JsonObjects
      Add pretty print support for null values in JsonObjects

Marek Habersack (17):
      [wcf] Don't close HTTP response prematurely.
      [wcf] ServiceHost directive can span several lines.
      [asp.net] make sure the string we pass to DecryptAssemblyResource is a valid Base64 string
      [wcf] make /js and /jsdebug dispatchers work.
      [asp.net,wcf] WCF proxies are generated using a slightly different mode of operation.
      [configuration] Part of fix for bug #579837. CommaDelimitedStringCollection must properly note that it was modified.
      [asp.net] Part of fix for bug #579837. AuthorizationRule.SerializeElement will not process unmodified elements.
      [asp.net] Better handling of application's AppDomain restart
      [asp.net,routing] Fix for bug #648901. Matching engine must ignore trailing slash in the URLs.
      [asp.net] HttpRuntime.AppDomainAppPath may be null during tests, check it before using.
      [asp.net] Fix for bug #649034. Control.FindControl continues to search for controls above itself if it's a naming container.
      [asp.net] Fix for bug #649551. The LosFormatter (bool, string) constructor does not expect a base64-encoded string.
      [runtime] mono_cfg_set_exception is not present in 2.8. Fixes the build.
      [asp.net] ObjectStateFormatter.{De}serialize methods taking stream use a magic value to mark the stream.
      [asp.net] 4.0-only types don't need the NET_4_0 ifdef and should be in net_4_0_System.Web.dll.sources
      [asp.net,routing] Fix for bug #651593. Don't match all-literal routes for URLs with excessive segments.
      [corlib] Fix for bug #652807. Handle RegistryValueKind.QWord in Win32RegistryApi.{Get,Set}Value

Marek Safar (4):
      [642975] Fix initializer of partially static multidimensional arrays
      [646298] Compile multiple interface event declarators
      [646997] Correctly emit platform ILOnly flag
      Set correct result type for chained folded enum subtraction

Martin Baulig (1):
      Add mono_register_symfile_for_assembly() for bundles.

Michael Hutchinson (1):
      [Embedding] Make mono-dl-fallback.h public-safe

Miguel de Icaza (6):
      [Embedded] Add new fallback API to allow hooking up to the P/Invoke lookup system
      Do not install sample header, add to EXTRA_DIST
      Document server option to --debugger-agent
      Allow this file to expose its types as public if needed
      Fix broken patch
      Expose some of our internals to the Mono.Winforms assembly

Paolo Molaro (1):
      Search for dllimported shared libs in the base directory, not cwd.

Robert Nagy (1):
      merge from head

Rodrigo Kumpera (2):
      Disable cardtable unde 64bits as it is broken for 2.8.
      Fix some counters under 32bits.

Sebastien Pouliot (4):
      Normalization of cryptographic uses in asp.net
      A few moves/changes following previous patch review
      Adjust System.Web.Extensions[_1.0].dll.sources wrt MachineKeySectionUtils.cs move
      Fix (likely copy-paste) typo on FormsAuthPasswordFormat

Tak (1):
      [Fix] Ensure that exceptions are propagated when embedding

Zoltan Varga (27):
      Fix the sparc build.
      Avoid a crash in g_convert () if iconv_open () fails.
      Update the IMT thunk creation code on sparc to support net 4.0.
      Fix crashes in the AOT compiler when the loaded LLVM module is used. Fixes #646314.
      Avoid calling sem_post on a uninitialized semaphore during thread attach, it works under linux, but fails under *bsd. Fixes #647248.
      Avoid trying to read the gc name in the AOT runtime from older AOT images. Fixes #647918.
      Avoid caching stuff in socket-io.c in static variables, since the socket assembly can be unloaded, cache them in MonoDomain instead.
      Fix an assert in the LLVM backend if a long value was passed to 'localloc'.
      Fix building the logging profiler.
      Use locale_charset() from iconv which will use nl_langinfo (CODESET) anyways but it will
      Emit GenericEqualityComparer<T> instances for each EqualityComparer<T> instance in AOT, the former is created dynamically by the latter.
      Implement memory barriers for amd64/x86. Fixes #648831.
      Fix another regression in the Array.Sort () methods, allow keys and items to be of different length. Fixes #648828.
      Use int 3 as G_BREAKPOINT on x86-64 too. Hopefully fixes #648838.
      Disable catchpoints when the DISABLE_BREAKPOINTS flag is used during an invoke. Fixes #632224.
      Fix the generation of GenericEqualityComparer () instances in AOT.
      Avoid asserts if a forced inline fails. Fix typos. Fixes #650407.
      Cache the array of classes in find_typespec_for_class ().
      Fix encoding of large strings in the soft debugger api. Fixes #648832.
      Fix gshared support in the soft debugger. Fixes #651251.
      Fix more gshared problems in the soft debugger.
      Fix crashes in the debugger stack walk code if a gshared method calls another using a managed-to-native translation.
      Fix a bug introduced by the previous change to mono_jit_walk_stack_from_ctx_in_thread ().
      Enlarge try-finally blocks preceeded by a Monitor.Enter () call to include the call itself, to avoid races inherent in such code. Fixes #651546.
      Fix a typo in process_breakpoint_inner which doesn't break our tests for some reason.
      When single stepping from a exception throw site, single step to the catch site. Fixes #652590.



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