[Pkg-mozext-commits] [adblock-plus] annotated tag debian/2.6.4+dfsg-1 created (now 034a31e)

David Prévot taffit at moszumanska.debian.org
Tue Jul 22 21:31:41 UTC 2014

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  replaces  debian/2.6.3-1
 tagged by  David Prévot
        on  Tue Jul 22 16:35:40 2014 -0400

- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------
adblock-plus Debian release 2.6.4+dfsg-1
Version: GnuPG v1


"Tom Schuster ext:(%22) (1):
      Issue 653 - Object.defineProperty instead of defineGetter / defineSetter

Andrew Sutherland (4):
      show the constructor comment if there is one...
      remove constructors from the top-level functions list
      add --arg command
      improven der thinken

Chakradhar Kasturi (1):
      Ignore empty locale directories when packaging Gecko extensions

David Prévot (9):
      Adapt watch file to new source
      Imported Upstream version 2.6.4+dfsg
      Merge tag 'upstream/2.6.4+dfsg'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'buildtools/master'
      Merge remote-tracking branch 'jshydra/master'
      Refresh patch
      Add a symlink to workaround split source
      Update upstream changelog
      Update changelog for 2.6.4+dfsg-1 release

Felix Dahlke (4):
      Wait until images are loaded
      Wait until the overlay is loaded
      Crop Chrome descriptions
      Issue 130 - Add a README.md

Felix H. Dahlke (1):
      Provide access to the File object

Josh Matthews (1):
      bug 542487 - JSHydra does not build with mozilla-central trunk

Joshua Cranmer (38):
      Initial import.
      Added a test directory.
      Now in C++ for easier compiling!
      Some basic AST work.
      A little less likely to break because of GC problems. Just don't set GCzeal.
      Introducing the automated testing mechanism!
      Minor changes, in the hopes of fixing GC issues.
      I think I finally fixed all of the GC problems.
      A more powerful script, findInterfaces, has been added. Woot!
      Updating to work with m-c tip.
      Make findInterfaces working again.
      Added license block and dxr stuff, in case a random cosmic ray destroys my hard drive in a few minutes.
      More dxr work, testing on larger files. Also shunted around files.
      Minor building updates
      Comment processing. Pretty neat, huh?
      Forgot to add my doxygen processor.
      Clean up the build system. Note that automagical m-c download does not yet work.
      Comment processing improved
      Updating build foo.... now ./configure && make really works
      Glitches in configure.
      __proto__ usage busted clean_ast. Now fixed.
      Another __proto__ format. Gee, these are common, aren't they?
      Another form of inheritance. There are a lot of these, aren't there?
      Addition of strings caused parsing to crash. This fixes that.
      Now with reified token values.
      make_function now works with lambda functions.
      TOK_YIELD is now legal.
      More jshydra fixes: for each and regex are now more discoverable.
      Let's make the pushds work more correctly
      Some update work. Should work with newest spidermonkeys.
      Output the JS source code as an AST.
      Oops, forgot to remove that.
      Added a decompiler and a way to test it more thoroughly.
      Update for the compartments world. Yuck.
      True AST (i.e., Reflect.parse) support
      True AST decompiler, and a more forceful check script.
      Apparently, I can't type.
      SpiderMonkey APIs have changed yet again.

Manvel Saroyan (8):
      jsshell stopgap fix
      Generate icons parameter for manifest file using icon size and space separated list
      Issue 430 - added case for filter hit reset in Filter Listener
      Issue 580 - removed check for hash part of url to fix whitelisting page issue with ending hash in url
      issue #660 - Switched to HTTP cache API V2 from Firefox 32 and above
      issue #660 - create context info using 'fromLoadContext' method and switch appcache parameter to false
      issue #290 - override ignoreSameDoc parameter to false for Seamonkey in addBrowserLocationListener because of a bug (#1035171) in Seamonkey
      issue #764 - fixed undefined error by case for checking 'links' property existance in notification object

Sebastian Noack (8):
      Added Safari support.
      Made import of PIL compatible to environments where you have to import Image directly.
      Rewrite version number in the correct file during release automation.
      Add label for ToolbarItems in Safari during build, because you can't set the palette label at runtime.
      Use full version number for the displayed version on Safari.
      Make sure that translations used in manifest.json exist in all languages.
      Allow to specify the default icon for browserActions and pageActions in multiple sizes.
      Issue 581 - Run content scripts in about:blank frames on Chrome 37+

Thomas Greiner (3):
      Moved hooks.js to buildtools
      Topic 11234: UI not shown in popup windows
      Fixed: WindowObserver ignoring primary browser window if instantiated before window visible

Tom Schuster (6):
      Issue 301 - jshydra: Handle for .. of ..
      Issue 301 - Updated dependency
      Issue 427 - Desugar arrow functions to normal or bound functions
      Issue 656 - Replace some __proto__ with Object.create
      Backed out changeset 69871d10cf2a
      Issue 653 - Object.defineProperty instead of defineGetter / defineSetter

Wladimir Palant (375):
      Generalizing build scripts
      Use constant path for temporary XPI file
      fixZipPermissions call is only required on Windows
      Exclude test files from the build
      Converting unit tests into mochitest format
      Exclude incomplete locales from the build by default
      Add missing strings to the locales automatically when creating a build
      Set internal version number for development builds correctly, didn't match file name before
      Adding script to create a build for Babelzilla
      Make errors.html show Adblock Plus version and source code revision
      Use the correct hg command to determine current revision number
      Allow builds to be signed in sign.pl script is present
      Allow signing parameters to be specified in the file .signature rather than requiring a separate script.
      Use system() call consistently to invoke external applications, also don't store directory entries when creating JAR files.
      Suppress zip warnings
      Adding updateURL to development builds
      Reorganized build scripts: Moved the real scripts out of the extension directories and replaced by dummy scripts. This gets rid of multiple copies of the same scripts and makes sure new development builds are not created just because release scripts changed.
      Generalized release script and moved it out of extension directories as well.
      Made sure release script doesn't ignore errors in create_xpi.pl
      Updating tags
      Updating to new directory structure
      Updated release script to work with separate repositories for extensions/downloads/buildtools
      Added tag ADBLOCK_PLUS_1_1_2_RELEASE for changeset ac857138170b
      Added support for localized data in install.rdf, info is taken from meta.properties in locale directory. Also added make_babelzilla_build.pl to buildtools repository.
      Added tag ADBLOCK_PLUS_1_1_3_RELEASE for changeset 7c2f01c8c700
      Added the common part of the locale testing script to the buildtools repository
      Added handling of entities in DTD files, also recognizing [link] and [/link] as placeholders now
      Added tag JAVASCRIPT_DEOBFUSCATOR_1_5_5_RELEASE for changeset b125b50e173b
      Made setupTestEnvironment.pl stop expecting to find extension name in install.rdf
      Moved basename extraction from create_xpi.pl into packager module
      Made other scripts delegate file reading to the packager as well, also made make_release.pl take extension name preferable from meta.properties
      Added new style locale names to %keepAccessKeys structure
      Corrected format for specifying translators in install.rdf
      Properly encode locale data inserted into install.rdf
      Added new placeholders to be checked
      Include en-US locale in the localized sections of install manifest - extension manager will fall back to en-GB otherwise
      Sort localized sections of the install manifest by locale ID
      Added support for JavaScript modules
      Added tag ADBLOCK_PLUS_1_2_RELEASE for changeset d7cbf93407f0
      Deal with the new time line code, remove the entire module from release builds
      Remove hour from development build number, this is pointless with development builds being produced at the same time every day
      Handle version numbers like 1.3a correctly when creating development builds
      Save release version number with a trailing newline, hg diff doesn't like files without it
      Added handling of bootstrap.js as part of the install package
      Added same parameters to update.rdf request for development builds as for regular AMO update checks, allows differentiating update requests on the server.
      Generate version number for Babelzilla builds like for a regular development build
      Added support for extension's homepage URL in meta.properties
      Remove localized info from install manifest for Babelzilla builds, it confuses their parser.
      Added tag ADBLOCK_PLUS_1_2_1_RELEASE for changeset d7cbf93407f0
      Add author name to metadata of each locale to make sure Firefox 4 displays it (work around bug 416350)
      Automatically create source code package on release
      Fixed wrong parameter names
      Account for extensions installed as packed XPI files under Gecko 2.0
      Take extension metadata from a centralized "metadata" file and generate install.rdf automatically
      Ignore empty entries when testing for equal/different keys
      Remove localized metadata from Babelzilla builds
      Properly consider properties keys that are empty in en-US locale when filling up translations
      Added tag ADBLOCK_PLUS_1_3_RELEASE for changeset aa418d95c8c0
      Added tag ELEMENT_HIDING_HELPER_1_1_RELEASE for changeset 538ae6dd1e64
      Added tag ABP_WATCHER_1_1_3_RELEASE for changeset ac268e1f3708
      Force tagging in case of a re-release
      Added tag ADBLOCK_PLUS_1_3_1_RELEASE for changeset a0cd6bdefd90
      Added script to display localized add-on info (for AMO)
      Generalize Makefile to work on Windows
      Fix decompilation of foo["!@#bar"]
      Made sure that foo.apply() isn't interpreted as a let statement
      Don't recurse automatically into catch blocks
      Fixed: Wrong decompilation of empty functions, bogus semicolon added
      Added script to rewrite ABP code
      Properly documented prototype chain rewriting
      Removed rewriting of superclass constructors, there is a better way of creating an instance without running the constructor
      Emulate separate scope for modules, wrap the module body in a function
      Upper-case all translation check messages for consistency
      Added an optional patch function parameter to the module to allow patching internal namespace
      Fixed decompilation of |function(foo) foo| (function body is a single return statement)
      Fixed wrong rewriting of for each loops where loop body isn't a block statement
      Added tag ADBLOCK_PLUS_1_3_2_RELEASE for changeset 391c1232dee0
      Added tag ADBLOCK_PLUS_1_3_3_RELEASE for changeset b2a8bd2dc963
      Use numerical repository revision as development build ID instead of current date
      Fixed: Don't need to append + to the version number for development builds if version number is something like 1.2.3a2
      Link to new update.rdf location for development builds
      Added tag JAVASCRIPT_DEOBFUSCATOR_1_5_6_RELEASE for changeset 07d055535689
      Do not tag the source repository with the full branch name, use version number only. Still tag buildtools and downloads with the old branch names, tags for multiple extensions go there.
      Allow extensions to specify a non-default update URL for release builds
      Added tag ABP_WATCHER_1_1_4_RELEASE for changeset 644052ef2f24
      Added tag ELEMENT_HIDING_HELPER_1_1_1_RELEASE for changeset 434ee0e009d4
      Updated copyright year
      Retire n.n.n+ development build versions - 1.2.3+ is equivalent to 1.2.4pre which is "newer" than 1.2.4a, undesirable
      Added tag ADBLOCK_PLUS_1_3_5_RELEASE for changeset 0edf30418dc2
      Added tag ADBLOCK_PLUS_KMELEON_1_3_5_RELEASE for changeset c0a0d743040c
      Added support for icon64.png in root directory
      Added tag ADBLOCK_PLUS_1_3_6_RELEASE for changeset 59b0e20dc59d
      Added tag ADBLOCK_PLUS_KMELEON_1_3_6_RELEASE for changeset 1422054e2011
      Use minimal compression for XPI files, this gives us better performance in Firefox 4
      Fixed handling of array literals as loop variables - for each (let [a,b] in foo)
      Added transformation of destructuring assignments in loop variables - for each (let [foo, bar] in list)
      Fixed: Expression closures aren't decompiled correctly (function body needs to be a block)
      Added tag ADBLOCK_PLUS_1_3_7_RELEASE for changeset 8970fc469a44
      Added tag ADBLOCK_PLUS_KMELEON_1_3_7_RELEASE for changeset 7cc148eef51f
      Make contributors into their own metadata section, to be compatible with other ini-style file parsers
      Added new build scripts, functionality of replace create_xpi.pl, make_devbuild.pl and make_babelzilla_build.pl is already implemented
      Removed duplicate statement
      Changed command line arguments for build.py and turned it into a replacement for setupTestEnvironment.pl as well
      Added -h option back to the usage text
      Added "build.py showdesc" command to replace show_descriptions.pl
      Make sure the descriptions list is sorted by locale code
      Accept "build.py -h" or "build.py --help" as an alternative to "build.py help"
      Added release automation to build.py
      Removed debug code
      Removed old build scripts, no longer needed
      Update for the new location of the Mochitest directory
      Added tag JAVASCRIPT_DEOBFUSCATOR_1_5_7_RELEASE for changeset e2c5bf9a8dc8
      Generalized command line parsing/help texts, prepared build tool to support non-Gecko extensions
      Added code required to package up K-Meleon extensions
      Fixed indentation mistake
      K-Meleon: Allow local metadata to override data from base extension
      Added release automation for K-Meleon
      Added tag ADBLOCK_PLUS_1_3_8_RELEASE for changeset 76c46b4ee2fd
      Added tag ADBLOCK_PLUS_KMELEON_1_3_8_RELEASE for changeset a8e03cd6aef9
      Added tag ABP_WATCHER_1_1_5_RELEASE for changeset ead047a6b186
      Added tag ADBLOCK_PLUS_1_3_9_RELEASE for changeset a0ba2a9a53af
      Added tag ADBLOCK_PLUS_KMELEON_1_3_9_RELEASE for changeset ce37cb990a89
      Added tag ELEMENT_HIDING_HELPER_1_1_2_RELEASE for changeset b4b4323c3501
      Added tag ABP_WATCHER_1_1_6_RELEASE for changeset 37fe814b65b5
      Added tag ADBLOCK_PLUS_1_3_10_RELEASE for changeset 9c29efb989ec
      Added tag ADBLOCK_PLUS_KMELEON_1_3_10_RELEASE for changeset 630eb6bf75e8
      Added tag JAVASCRIPT_DEOBFUSCATOR_1_5_8_RELEASE for changeset a5a4f30fdf3e
      Added command to generate documentation (PyV8 module required)
      Fixed: Wrong rewriting of resource entries in test environment
      Added tag ABP_WATCHER_1_1_7_RELEASE for changeset d7cd0262d92a
      Renamed script for modules into abprewrite-module.js, abprewrite.js doesn't wrap the code in a module
      Removed rewriting of __proto__ inheritance - unnecessary and too unreliable
      Added localeTools methods required to rewrite locales
      Added support for optionsType metadata parameter
      Added tag ELEMENT_HIDING_HELPER_1_1_3_RELEASE for changeset ecb9569793ee
      Fixed: Multiple calls to packager.createBuild() result in way too many files in the build
      Added tag ELEMENT_HIDING_HELPER_1_1_4_RELEASE for changeset 38b8085634bf
      Added tag ADBLOCK_PLUS_2_0_RELEASE for changeset 88b62e5ba449
      Don't remove meta.properties from Babelzilla builds
      Added tag ADBLOCK_PLUS_2_0_1_RELEASE for changeset 62cea42809d0
      Added tag ADBLOCK_PLUS_2_0_2_RELEASE for changeset b630b6747a2d
      Added support for restartless extensions
      Added support for add-ons without an inner JAR (testenv not supported yet)
      Added tag CUSTOMIZATION_1_0_RELEASE for changeset 05edfbc5c813
      Fixed test environment for extensions without an inner JAR
      Relicensed from MPL 1.1 to MPL 2.0
      Added tag ADBLOCK_PLUS_2_0_3_RELEASE for changeset 1eccc3112297
      Added tag JAVASCRIPT_DEOBFUSCATOR_1_6_RELEASE for changeset 14532d60afb8
      Added tag ABP_WATCHER_1_2_RELEASE for changeset 08a46fb193f0
      Added tag JAVASCRIPT_DEOBFUSCATOR_1_6_1_RELEASE for changeset 56dd755a721e
      Topic 9240 - Fix packaging of locales for builds without inner JAR file
      Updated license header for the generated files
      Added application ID for Fennec with native UI
      Added "build.py autoinstall" command to push the install package to the Auto-Install extension
      Added tag AUTOINSTALLER_1_0_RELEASE for changeset c5958a6c1cb0
      Handle IPv6 addresses correctly in case this ever works
      Added tag AUTOINSTALLER_1_1_RELEASE for changeset 1b532e3599ff
      Added tag GOOGLE_SEARCH_LINK_FIX_1_3_RELEASE for changeset 14c6fdcdc149
      Package up any JS or XML files in the root directory
      Drop support for "build.py testenv" command, it has been superseded by "build.py autoinstall"
      Generate bootstrap.js automatically if missing, also add standard modules to the package if necessary
      Renamed AppIntegration module into Main
      Made KeySelector a proper object, shortcuts data will be automatically released once it is no longer needed. Also moved handling of keypress events into the module.
      Added onShutdown object collecting shutdown handlers instead of explicit shutdown() calls
      Don't call Main.init() explicitly, loading the script is enough
      Allow specifying when WindowObserver should notify the listener
      Added onShutdown.done property to be considered by async actions
      Initialize Prefs module automatically when it is loaded, allow adding pref observers
      Removed unrequire() function from module scope (this hack is no longer used)
      Automatically define Cc & Co. in the module's scope
      WindowObserver: On initialization, don't assume that existing windows are ready
      WindowObserver: Fixed memory leak due to event listener not being removed
      Added tag ELEMENT_HIDING_HELPER_1_2_RELEASE for changeset bb77812431d2
      Added tag GOOGLE_SEARCH_LINK_FIX_1_3_1_RELEASE for changeset 03505f53d52d
      Worked around bug 721319 (memory leaks due to event listeners not being removed)
      Added tag GOOGLE_SEARCH_LINK_FIX_1_3_2_RELEASE for changeset 10cb63148b5c
      Added tag ELEMENT_HIDING_HELPER_1_2_1_RELEASE for changeset cf5b9b6fd27d
      Added tag ABP_WATCHER_1_2_1_RELEASE for changeset b3c05e8115c9
      Added tag JAVASCRIPT_DEOBFUSCATOR_1_6_2_RELEASE for changeset 466eb41ee623
      Added tag JAVASCRIPT_DEOBFUSCATOR_1_6_3_RELEASE for changeset 15962ef33d5e
      Add translators and contributors to localized sections of install.rdf as well so that the default About dialog can use them.
      Added tag GOOGLE_SEARCH_LINK_FIX_1_4_RELEASE for changeset 20f1f1e841a8
      Made add-on homepage optional
      Added tag REMOVE_TEMPORARILY_1_0_RELEASE for changeset 20f1f1e841a8
      Backed out revision 10cb63148b5c (work-around for memory leaks caused by bug 721319) - the bug has been fixed
      Work around bug 726994: Don't use entities in install.rdf, spell out everything instead
      Added tag ELEMENT_HIDING_HELPER_1_2_2_RELEASE for changeset 29c8204a0fa4
      Include resources/ subdirectory in the package
      Added tag SUSPENDBACKGROUNDTABS_1_0_RELEASE for changeset 21212f67d6a3
      Added application property to the info pseudo-module
      Added tag SUSPENDBACKGROUNDTABS_1_0_1_RELEASE for changeset fd96a114740e
      Added tag AUTOINSTALLER_1_2_RELEASE for changeset 56c7be4a579c
      Don't fail build if hg command line tool cannot be found
      Allow packaging JavaScript modules at top level
      Package lib directory if it exists
      Hack: Clear currentVersion pref on uninstall.
      Moved modules to the lib/ directory
      Moved prefs.js from a subdirectory of defaults/ directly into the defaults/ directory
      Dropped support for extensions with an inner JAR file
      Dropped support for non-restartless extensions
      Added support for reading additional contributors from an XML file and improved sort order for translators
      Fixed regression from recent change: don't replace bootstrap.js if the extension defines it explicitly
      Added tag REMOVE_TEMPORARILY_1_0_1_RELEASE for changeset af6348c2d9ad
      Added tag ABP_WATCHER_1_2_2_RELEASE for changeset 0b0cdb9acb6e
      Added tag ELEMENT_HIDING_HELPER_1_2_3_RELEASE for changeset 8c5debfdd7c6
      Alleviate the effects of memory leaks on mid-session extension shutdown
      Actually clear the module scopes to alleviate the effects of memory leaks even further
      Updated code to remove TimeLine from release builds
      Added support for multi-compartment builds (good for memory leak hunting)
      Added tag ADBLOCK_PLUS_2_1_RELEASE for changeset 05c2d3577c29
      Added tag CUSTOMIZATION_1_0_1_RELEASE for changeset 6a3359885ac4
      Make sure to default the Accel key to Control if the accel key pref has some bogus value
      Added tag ADBLOCK_PLUS_2_1_1_RELEASE for changeset 26e006a86708
      Locale processing: Added parsing of comments
      Locale processing: Added export to Chrome-style JSON data
      Locale processing: Remove leading/trailing spaces from comments
      Locale parsing: Better escaping of data in DTD files
      Locale processing: Better escaping of data in properties files
      Added "build.py translate" command to automatically upload locale files to getlocalization.com
      Switched from getlocalization.com to crowdin.net as localization service
      Added command to set up translation languages on crowdin.net
      Don't attempt to set up translation languages that Crowdin doesn't yet support
      Added build.py gettranslations command to import translations from Crodwin
      Set file titles when uploading to Crowdin
      Sandboxes don't have atob/btoa functions, make sure to "steal" them from the Services module
      Don't list all translators in About, only the translators for the current locale
      Added tag ADBLOCK_PLUS_2_1_2_RELEASE for changeset 18328ad4a8be
      Added tag CUSTOMIZATION_1_0_2_RELEASE for changeset 1b984d62d804
      Added tag CUSTOMIZATION_1_0_3_RELEASE for changeset ca55b056ec5b
      Updated to current JSHydra version
      Updated known good revision
      Fixed missing function (snprintf isn't defined on Windows but JS_snprintf is)
      Fixed decompilation of |var {foo} = bar;|
      Updated Adblock Plus rewrite scripts to work with the Reflect.parse() output (simplified processing, more relevant cases handled)
      Made "make check" work on Windows
      Added code rewriting tests
      Added script to rewrite all necessary Adblock Plus files automatically
      Fixed: for..in loops are removed on rewrite
      Rewrite expression closures into regular functions
      Rewrite generators into functions returning an array
      Fixed instanceof operator precedence
      Fixed yield operator precedence
      Take the custom SpiderMonkey client out of the loop, same results can be achieved with the default JavaScript shell
      Fixed function expression precedence
      Made sure that if/for/while body is always wrapped in a block, makes resulting code easier to read
      Fixed: Semi-colon missing after a throw statement
      Fixed precedence of the "for (... in ...)" loop
      Actually, function statement precedence wasn't quite correct yet
      Fixed decompiling of "a + (b + c)" - parentheses need to be kept in case we aren't dealing with numbers
      Convert some unit tests as well
      Hack: Force function statements to be wrapped in paretheses if called immediately
      Rewrite more unit tests; fixed source code link in the header of resulting files
      Added tag ABP_WATCHER_1_2_3_RELEASE for changeset 9a398ff2ec6e
      Updated buildtools state
      Removed SpiderMonkey compilation code, automated downloading of the JS shell instead
      Made tests work again
      Made tests produce a proper diff on failure, disabled failing tests
      More consistent names for the architecture-specific packager and releaseAutomation libraries
      Allowed restricting command options to particular architectures
      Moved Chrome extension build logic from adblockpluschrome repository to buildtools
      Moved locale sync from Firefox to Chrome to the buildtools repository (can be called via build.py now)
      Removed "(Beta)" from the extension name
      Got rid of trailing whitespace in locale files
      Moved public suffix list updater to buildtools repository (can be called via build.py now)
      Changed locale code "en" into "en_US" to match Chrome's locale codes
      Made build.py setuptrans work for Chrome extensions
      Made sure Chrome master locale can be uploaded to Crowedin and implemented upload of existing locales (the latter doesn't work, issue appears to be on Crowdin's side)
      Fixed: build.py uploadtrans sets wrong Content-Length header
      Added file missing from changeset 6d5940473f18
      Added Chrome support for "build.py gettranslations"
      Fixed: Option names in metadata files should be case-sensitive
      Expect the basename metadata entry to be lowercased for consistency
      Added Web Store description to the Adblock Plus for Chrome locales
      Updated license note
      Converted tabs to spaces to make editing simpler
      Fixed: try..catch blocks aren't being decompiled correctly (catch handlers missing)
      Made sure the JS shell reads its input as UTF-8
      Changed to a different "known-good" version of the JS shell, newer versions reorder the source in ways that our script cannot deal with
      Fixed download of Web Store description from Crowdin
      Updated license headers to GPLv3
      Topic 11502 - EHH fails to recognize the first browser window opened
      Added .hgignore file
      Release automation: Removed tagging of downloads and buildtools repository, it's pointless now that subrepos are used
      Release automation: Simplified source code tar creation now that subrepositories are used
      Removed KMeleon build automation
      Removed special Babelzilla builds, we no longer use Babelzilla
      Fixed: running js on Linux requires LD_LIBRARY_PATH to be set
      Build proper script paths, Linux doesn't like ./foo/bar.js/../bas/script.js
      Added build.py devenv command for Chrome extensions
      Chrome: Use a whitelist for the files included in the build, generate manifest dynamically from template
      Generalized rewriting script, files to rewrite are specified as parameters now
      Always use Unix-style line breaks in rewriting result
      Chrome: Automatically convert Firefox JavaScript files on build
      Make sure to actually mark the JS shell as executable after download
      Make sure to reload JSHydra modules on each use
      Automatically reload Chrome development environment when it updates (manifest and strings don't get reloaded)
      Made sure files from this directory can be included as modules
      Made build tools dependent on JSHydra instead of requiring extensions to be dependent on it
      Fixed: jshydra isn't being called for ABP/Chrome builds any more
      Locale tests: Ignore whitespace-only access keys
      Created a base packager to hold common code for the Gecko and Chrome packagers
      Removed leftovers of Babelzilla integration
      Move in-memory file processing to the common packager
      Don't manipulate whitespace on build
      Removed redundant parameters
      Implement mapping of files from subrepositories
      Allow metadata file to inherit values from another configuration file
      Use different metadata files for different platform types to allow different builds from the same repository - e.g. metadata.gecko and metadata.chrome
      Fixed: specifying build number explicitly is broken
      Chrome: import Firefox strings on build, not manually
      Fixed handling of relative paths in manifests (important when inheriting from a manifest in a different directory)
      Allow overriding update URL for Chrome release builds
      Chrome: ignore empty values in contentScripts and webAccessible settings
      Always replace special characters in string names, Chrome is very strict about it
      Allowed Chrome extensions to have browser actions
      Chrome: Added dummy processFile function to allow it to be overridden if necessary
      Fixed missing parameter in getDefaultFileName() calls
      When applying to windows on install, use front-to-back order (see bug 819561)
      Slightly improved previous commit - use \s in regular expressions instead of the actual space character
      Allow specifying default icon and popup for browser actions, make the handling identical to page actions
      Added language mapping, Hindi is hi and not hi-IN on Crowdin
      Update to current version of the SpiderMonkey shell, adjust for the different handling of for loops and -U command line parameter being no longer necessary
      Updated to current jshydra revision (using current SpiderMonkey build)
      Updated locale mapping for Crowdin
      Fixed retrieval of valid language codes from Crowdin
      Added more Gecko/Crowdin locale code mappings
      Public suffix list updater: removed trailing spaces from the resulting file and added newline at the end of it
      Packager: Make sure to do all file manipulation before the package is signed
      Chrome packager: Don't make converted JS files part of the build
      Updated generated license headers
      Made sure tests still pass
      Updated license headers
      Added build type for Opera
      Consider different locale mapping for Opera locales
      Don't package es_419 locale in Opera builds at all
      Fixed devenv build command
      Switched to using node.js as runtime for JSDoc Toolkit
      Remove access keys when importing strings from Firefox into Chrome
      Make sure to raise an exception if the subprocess returns a non-zero result code
      Use checked versions of subprocess calls, error out in case of failure instead of continuing
      Add --quiet option to "build.py docs" command to ignore JsDoc Toolkit output
      Fixed previous commit: suppress output when the --quiet option is specified, not when it is missing
      Hack: Replace "Chrome" by "Opera" in the locales when creating Opera builds
      Always pass build type explicitly to readMetadata/getMetadataPath (fixes "build.py -t chrome translate" command among other things)
      Expose more information about application and platform in the info pseudo-module
      Automatically generate info pseudo-module for Chromium-based applications
      Crowdin API: Send the list of languages in request body, not URL
      Use full version number in Chrome's info pseudo-module
      We no longer have extensions supporting Gecko 10, no need to register chrome manually
      Provide an XMLHttpRequest constructor if used in JS modules
      Only import Jinja2 when actually used, drop unused Jinja2 extension
      Added Chrome/Opera release automation
      Fixed: downloading translations fails on empty locales
      Chrome: Map Mexican Spanish to "Latin American Spanish" instead of Argentinian Spanish, it's apparently more appropriate that way
      Fixed: Accel is always mapped to Control, no matter what the actual browser setting is
      Make sure to really save prefs.js when something changes
      Updated copyright year
      Updated copyright year
      Issue 153 - Expose TextEncoder and TextDecoder objects to the JS modules
      Issue 298 -  JSHydra is unable to download a SpiderMonkey build
      Issue 298 - Updated dependency
      Issue 298 - Switched to a more current SpiderMonkey build
      Issue 298 - Switched to a more current SpiderMonkey build
      Issue 143 - Use chrome.runtime.reload() to reload Adblock Plus in Chrome development environment
      Issue 412 - Make sure release automation creates Safari builds
      Issue 364 - Extension manifest changes necessary to upload devbuilds to Chrome Web Store
      Issue 516 - JSHydra: return {foo:bar} produces broken code
      Issue 427 - Updated dependency on JSHydra
      Added tag 2.6.3 for changeset 303d48407220
      Relanded changeset 2d52467436ed (Issue 427 - Remove non-standard function and getter syntax) with appropriate compat info changes
      Marked compatible with Firefox 34 & Co.
      Issue 455 - Find function in Filter Preferences - No indication when keyword is not found
      Issue 716 - Filter position cannot be changed using Ctrl-Up/Down keys
      Updated locales from Crowdin
      Releasing Adblock Plus 2.6.4

eric (1):
      Added whitespace recognition to checking for "require(...)" statements.

hgbot (2):
      Updated list of recommended subscriptions
      Updated list of recommended subscriptions

thomas at greinerULTRA (1):
      Added handling of override attempt using toSource to hook function

trev (1):
      Excluding CVS metadata no longer necessary


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