Iceape 1.1.17

Hendrik-Jan Heins hjheins at
Mon Jul 6 20:48:39 UTC 2009

Hello All,

I understand that getting a complete iceape maintained and all into
debian is tricky.
Unfortunatly I am VERY attached to this browser/mail client.

So I decided to once more generate the packages for this. My thanks,
again, go outto Mike Hommey for all his hard work (with great

If you also want to try this version, please go to:
If you follow the instructions there, you can set this location up as
a repository and download iceape like any other Debian package.

Currently there is a version available for: Lenny (stable) i386 and
amd64 and a version for Squeeze (testing) i386.

If you find anything that is NOT working, please drop me a line.

best regards,

Hendrik-Jan Heins

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