Iceape 1.1.17

Mike Hommey mh at
Tue Jul 7 06:01:30 UTC 2009

On Mon, Jul 06, 2009 at 10:48:39PM +0200, Hendrik-Jan Heins wrote:
> Hello All,
> I understand that getting a complete iceape maintained and all into
> debian is tricky.
> Unfortunatly I am VERY attached to this browser/mail client.
> So I decided to once more generate the packages for this. My thanks,
> again, go outto Mike Hommey for all his hard work (with great
> results!).
> If you also want to try this version, please go to:
> If you follow the instructions there, you can set this location up as
> a repository and download iceape like any other Debian package.
> Currently there is a version available for: Lenny (stable) i386 and
> amd64 and a version for Squeeze (testing) i386.
> If you find anything that is NOT working, please drop me a line.

Hendrik, as you are still listed as maintainer for iceape, here is what
i suggest we could do to go forward:
- Clone iceape git repository (git://
- Put the new upstream in the upstream branch (don't forget to run
  debian/remove.nonfree before) and create a clean tarball.
- Merge the upstream branch into the master branch.
- Commit your changes and fill in the changelog.
- run git gc
- Put the resulting git repository somewhere only so that I can pull
  from it, and (obviously ;) ) give its url. A git server would be an
  extra bonus, but http will be fine.

When that is done, I'll sponsor the upload, when time permits.

A last note for the package you ship, please prefer a version that is
less than the one there will possibly be in Debian some day (1.1.17-1a
is greater than 1.1.17-1 if there ever will be one)


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