Bug#584146: data loss after upgrade

Christoph Goehre chris at sigxcpu.org
Tue Jun 1 19:19:14 UTC 2010

Hi Wolfgang,

On Di, Jun 01, 2010 at 02:05:48 -0400, Wolfgang Sourdeau wrote:
> It has been decided in Debian that Thunderbird/Icedove 3 was stable
> enough that version 2 would be obsoleted, although it's technically
> possible to have both versions concurrently installed on the same
> system. While updating my system and wrongfully updating Icedove in
> the process, I have noticed that the wonderful migration process has
> deleted all my 2.0 profiles.

what are your opinion to avoid this? To make a automated backup before
migrate from 2.0 -> 3.0?

> This bug report is probably not very constructive but I am quite
> pissed to have lost all those. I am lucky to exclusively use IMAP as
> my transport protocol but I did have some large emails stored locally
> and that I did lose.

You are the first user, who report one of this fault. Should all other
use IMAP and didn't endangered by this problem?

> I hereby vote for the proper repackaging of Icedove 2, especially
> since 3.0 has a loosy and unsafe migration process.

Is it really useful to have 2 different versions of Icedove in Debian?
I think it would be more helpful to analyse your upgrade problem.

BTW: _is_ the last release of Thunderbird 2.0. Mozilla is short
before a 3.1 release, which was scheduled for June.


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