Icedove esr for squeeze l10n packages

J.A. Bezemer j.a.bezemer at
Wed Aug 6 12:17:21 UTC 2014

On Wed, 6 Aug 2014, Carsten Schoenert wrote:

> Hello Anne,
> Am 06.08.2014 10:36, schrieb J.A. Bezemer:
>> Following, I'm trying to install icedove esr
>> (24) on squeeze. However, no -l10n- packages seem to be provided at all.
>> (They are available for iceweasel esr just fine.) Am I looking at the
>> wrong place? If they cannot be provided for some reason, it might be wise
>> to add a note to the webpage.
> you can use the language packs from the equal version in wheezy.

Thanks for the pointer, but this didn't work out since wheezy has >=24.3 
while the squeeze esr backport is 24.0. So I went to
and indeed, 24.0 versions are readily available there -- and they work 

Best regards,

Anne Bezemer

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