Bug#742531: keyword.URL preference ignored after upgrade to version 23+

E Taylor hagfish at hagfish.name
Mon Mar 24 19:58:47 UTC 2014

Package: iceweasel
Version: 24.3.0esr-1~deb7u1
Severity: wishlist

As confirmed on the MozillaZine Knowledge Base website:
as of Firefox version 23, the keyword.URL preference was removed.  This
means, for example, that if someone configured an earlier version of
iceweasel to use an internal company search engine for search terms
typed in the URL bar, then, after upgrading iceweasel, those search
terms could be sent to an external site such as Google without warning.

To get the same behaviour as before, the following manual workaround is
 0. (Customise your browser UI so that the Search widget is visible)
 1. Click the search engine selection icon in the Search widget
 2. Select the desired default search engine from the menu
 3. (Remove the Search widget from the browser UI again, if desired)

It would be nice if any user-defined value for the keyword.URL
preference could be used to automatically set the default search engine
after upgrade.

Best regards,
Edwin Taylor

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