Bug#742531: keyword.URL preference ignored after upgrade to version 23+

Sylvestre Ledru sylvestre at debian.org
Tue Mar 25 08:26:57 UTC 2014


On 24/03/2014 20:58, E Taylor wrote:
> As confirmed on the MozillaZine Knowledge Base website:
>     http://kb.mozillazine.org/Keyword.url
> as of Firefox version 23, the keyword.URL preference was removed.  This
> means, for example, that if someone configured an earlier version of
> iceweasel to use an internal company search engine for search terms
> typed in the URL bar, then, after upgrading iceweasel, those search
> terms could be sent to an external site such as Google without warning.
> To get the same behaviour as before, the following manual workaround is
> possible:
>  0. (Customise your browser UI so that the Search widget is visible)
>  1. Click the search engine selection icon in the Search widget
>  2. Select the desired default search engine from the menu
>  3. (Remove the Search widget from the browser UI again, if desired)
> It would be nice if any user-defined value for the keyword.URL
> preference could be used to automatically set the default search engine
> after upgrade.
Why do you think Debian should carry and maintain such changes?


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