[Pkg-mythtv-maintainers] Re: Committed 0.7.0-1

Mark Purcell msp at debian.org
Sun Aug 13 14:11:40 CEST 2006

Hi Ian,

On Sunday 13 August 2006 11:36, Ian Campbell wrote:
> I've committed 0.7.0-1, could you upload please. thanks!

No problem.. However a few comments before we release..

Trunk/debian/control still talks about the 0.6.x branch and kernel version 
2.6.16 :-(

> I have filed an RC bug (#382780) to stop this release entering testing
> until the 2.6.17 kernel propagates.

I've used that in the past and it should have the desired effect. Although I 
have mainly used it to keep svn/ beta versions of packages out of testing.

> Before I started the 0.7.x work I branched the current trunk into
> branches/0.6.x so we still have a route to update those packages in
> testing if we need to. I doubt that will be necessary though.

That might not be as simple as it sounds.

I have done similar using unstable and experimental but not testing and 

From my example earlier we kept the released version under branches/ and 
uploaded it and any changes to unstable, which then flowed through to 
testing. We kept the beta versions of the software under trunk/ and released 
into experimental.  That way the two were kept different and the software 
under experimental had a 'higher' version number than that in 
unstable/testing.  But because experimental doesn't flow into testing we 
could unload fixes to the released version under branches and upload into 
unstable/testing without worrying about experimental.

Now in the case of ivtv, we have 0.6.x in testing and if we upload 0.7.x to 
unstable (blocked by a rc bug) then the two will coexist and won't overwrite 
each other.  But if we wish to incorporate a fix into the 0.6.x package we 
can't release into unstable (without an epoc) as 0.7.x > 0.6.x, and Debian 
won't let us release directly to testing.

Also as these are independent, shouldn't we actually be packaging them 
separately like you have done with ivtv0.[2,3,4,6] at hellion.

Ie have them packaged as different ivtv0.6 & ivtv0.7 packages	 as people will 
switch backwards and forwards between kernels and will wish to upload either/ 
both sets of packages.  Which they won't be able to do..

I might be totally off the mark, but please let me know what you think about 
these ramblings.

> Also, do you use the IVTV framebuffer output? I have some preliminary
> packages of the ivtv X driver -- would you be willing to sponsor those?
> Even if not I'd like to use the pkg-mythtv svn to maintain them so
> unless you object I will check them into pkg-mythtv/xf86-video-ivtv
> sometime soon.

I don't use it but happy to host under pkg-mythtv.


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