[Pkg-mythtv-maintainers] Re: Committed 0.7.0-1

Jonas Meurer jonas at freesources.org
Mon Aug 21 17:36:20 CEST 2006

> > I have filed an RC bug (#382780) to stop this release entering testing
> > until the 2.6.17 kernel propagates.
> I've used that in the past and it should have the desired effect. Although I
> have mainly used it to keep svn/ beta versions of packages out of testing.

here it is required as ivtv 0.7.x supports only linux kernel 2.6.17, not
2.6.16. so as long as 2.6.16 is the default kernel for testing, ivtv
0.7.x needs to stay out of testing.

> > Before I started the 0.7.x work I branched the current trunk into
> > branches/0.6.x so we still have a route to update those packages in
> > testing if we need to. I doubt that will be necessary though.
> That might not be as simple as it sounds.
> [...]
> Now in the case of ivtv, we have 0.6.x in testing and if we upload 0.7.x to
> unstable (blocked by a rc bug) then the two will coexist and won't overwrite
> each other.  But if we wish to incorporate a fix into the 0.6.x package we
> can't release into unstable (without an epoc) as 0.7.x > 0.6.x, and Debian
> won't let us release directly to testing.

i think that Ian ment testing-security updates.

> Also as these are independent, shouldn't we actually be packaging them
> separately like you have done with ivtv0.[2,3,4,6] at hellion.

i reported a bug regarding this some weeks ago, but Ian convinced me
that different versions are not needed in debian. ivtv is on it's way
into the official kernel anyway, so it's only a matter of time when the
ivtv-source package becomes obsolete.
and with the rc bug against packages in unstable, he goes sure that only
the ivtv version for the respective kernel is in testing.

> > Also, do you use the IVTV framebuffer output? I have some preliminary
> > packages of the ivtv X driver -- would you be willing to sponsor
> > those?
> > Even if not I'd like to use the pkg-mythtv svn to maintain them so
> > unless you object I will check them into pkg-mythtv/xf86-video-ivtv
> > sometime soon.
> I don't use it but happy to host under pkg-mythtv.

i look forward to see it in the debian archive as well ;-)


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