[Pkg-net-snmp-devel] Bug#441948: net-snmp command line apps not built with AES support.

Brendan Simon Brendan at BrendanSimon.com
Thu Sep 13 00:38:23 UTC 2007

I think I have tracked this down to the configure script.  The stub 
program used to test for the function AES_cfb128_encrypt() is failing 
compilation.  It seems the linker is not being passed -lcrypto.

I will try to learn some autoconf stuff and try to figure out a patch.

I do wonder why AC_CHECK_FUNCS is being used instead of AC_CHECK_LIB.  
All the other security releated checks use AC_CHECK_LIB, the exception 
being AES_cfb128_encrypt.

eg. checking for EVP_md5 seems to work ok.  This is in the same crypto 
library as AES_cfb128_encrypt.

I also notice that the kvm library is also not being found by the linker.

Cheers, Brendan.

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