Bug#805377: pt-br translation error in ifconfig(8) man page

Juliano julianofischer at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 14:22:06 UTC 2015

Package: net-tools
Version: 1.60-25ubuntu2.1

Ifconfig(8) man page translation for pt-br is mistaken.

The description for allmulti option should be the description for promisc

              Habilita ou desabilita o modo promiscuous da interface. Isto
significa que todos  os  frames  passarão  pela
              camada de rede do kernel, permitindo monitoração da rede.

However, the promisc option is not in the manual.

I tried, but I did not found where I should suggest the translation

Apparently the date of mistranslation is 02-12-2007 (seven years old). It
could mean:

a) the revision process is flawed
b) reporting translation bugs is too complicated
c) translating process is even more complicated
d) some of the above
e) all the above

Please, let me know how to proceed to contribute.
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